A flexible, multipurpose and open access automation framework

GEA Codex®

GEA Codex® is an open framework that incorporates established standards for HMI design, including alarms, distributed engineering and flexible control modules, as well as wizards for market-leading platforms such as Siemens, Rockwell and Wonderware

GEA Codex®

Recognize your benefits:

  • Easy PLC programming as essential functions are configured via PC
  • Intuitive operation, even with little automation knowledge
  • Standardized and well-organized project structure
  • Centralized configuration, easily modified by authorized
  • System-wide use of TAG numbers (according to PID) and I/O address identification 
  • Simulation of the entire I/O system or individual components for test purposes
  • Full logging of operating cycles and, for example, motor use
  • All operator interventions can be recorded
  • All project information can be exported to external applications such as Excel

Designed to seamlessly integrate into a variety of well-established and technologically different environments, GEA Codex® can be applied to a wide range of applications (drinks, dairy, food, etc.) and plant sizes. Developed within GEA, the GEA Codex® framework is widely used as standard in all our regions and countries. As such, global support in numerous local languages is available for system modifications and extensions, as well as training and instruction.

GEA Codex® HMI

The design is based on the GEA Style guide, according to the high-performance HMI-Philosophy, and was developed in conjunction with the Fraunhofer Institute.

The ISA 101-compatible HMI provides a number of benefits, including optimized contrast and color to avoid eye strain, visual effects that are limited to abnormal situations and a combined appearance (form plus color). A hierarchical screen structure and the visualization of automated sequences facilitates normal operation. 

Maintenance is supported by activation and runtime counters, lifecycle component histories and complete service information (location, diagrams, etc.) without additional configuration.

A mature alarm protocol that aligns with ISA 18.2 is included to provide statistics regarding the number and duration of abnormal conditions. Root cause analysis can be used to suppress deducted alarms and an interface is available for external evaluation.

GEA Codex® IIoT

You can chose between an Edge solution installed on your premise (offline), a GEA Cloud solution or a combination of both. All solutions provide Efficiency, Data Security and Legal Compliance.

GEA Codex® Recipe Basic

A SCADA-based formulation and batch recipe system enables the sequencing of phases that can also be configured to run in parallel. A graphical interface provides the operator with a real-time overview of the batch process and corresponding reports.

GEA Codex® Scheduler

This planning tool enables users to timetable production and automatically start batch processing applications on demand. Select, activate, sequence and review your production in an easy-to-visualize way.

GEA Codex® FDS

Combining knowledge and experience from both worlds — process and automation — this module was developed according to international standards (GRAFCET), creating a readable process description and reusing it for the automation stage during creation and modification. Reliable documentation is produced with no additional effort. This flexible module allows operators to combine the process descriptions supplied by numerous engineering teams.

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