HI FLOW Rotary Transfer Glands

The HI FLOW Series of rotary transfer glands have been designed in a modular format so that your automation solutions are well catered for.

From a standalone gland for transfer of vacuum, milk and electrics to a full suite of services like compressed air, CIP, wash solution and wash down water the HI FLOW product line offers a great deal of flexibility.

HI FLOW 2C Rotary Gland

HI FLOW 2C rotary gland was developed to cater for the increasing size of rotary installations that demand a high level of reliability and performance year round. The gland primarily transfers vacuum, milk, electrics and data onto the rotating platform.

Key Features

  • Constructed using modern self lubricating plastics and high quality stainless steel
  • 150mm diameter section for vacuum transfer which reduces friction air loss
  • Washing port and drain to keep the main body hygienically clean
  • Inlet and outlet ports are interchangeable which allows services such as vacuum, milk and electrics to be fed overhead or from the floor
  • Self lubricated rotary bearing
  • 10 or 12 data tracks for both power and data communication
  • Data tracks have integrated track cleaners for robust data transfer

HI FLOW 3C Rotary Gland

The Milfos HI FLOW 3C rotary gland has the ability to transfer three key services onto the rotating platform; milk, vacuum and water, along with electrics and data.

Key Features

  • Transfers milk, vacuum, electrics, data and water
  • Can include CIP wash water in one gland
  • No loss of vacuum by lifting wash water to static head
  • Flexible options for secondary glands, allows for supply of additional services onto the platform including compressed air, wash down water, services for feed troughs, secondary milk or discard lines.

HI FLOW 7 Port Auxiliary Gland

The HI FLOW 7 Port Auxiliary gland is primarily designed for supply of services to the rotary platform to improve operator efficiency and safety.

Key Features

  • Direct mounting to any Milfos HI FLOW Gland
  • High pressure wash down water can be accessed at any time the platform is rotating
  • Teat spray solution can be transferred directly to the platform when iPUDS are installed
  • Nylon centre conduit to handle harsh teat spray chemical
  • Failsafe design on chemical conduit to prevent contamination to air or water paths
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Kits and Accessories

Plus Kits for HI FLOW Rotary Glands

Plus Kits for HI FLOW Rotary Glands allow an extra conduit path for high pressure low volume fluids such as compressed air or teat spray solution. Having a compressed air service permanently connected can allow the milk purge to be operated at any time.

Alternatively, the plus kit may be used to transfer teat spray solution directly onto the platform from the chemical mixing room when iPUDs are installed.

Gland components are machined from high quality stainless steel and engineered plastics. Harsh teat spray chemicals are handled via a nylon conduit for superior chemical resistance.

Key Features

  • Retro fits to existing HI FLOW 2C or 3C Glands
  • Nylon centre conduit to handle harsh teat spray chemical
  • Failsafe design on centre conduit to prevent contamination to milk chamber

HI FLOW Gland Rotary Swivels

  • Primarily used for delivery of vacuum, CIP wash water or milk
  • Butt weld connection
  • Hygienic design
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