Batch Mixing Technologies for Beverage Applications DI-BATCH Batch Mixer

GEA’s modular batch mixing system DI-BATCH offers flexibility, quality and efficiency for beverage manufacturers of beverages such as soft drinks, energy drinks and juices.

Accurate dosing addition, material traceability and parallel operation all combine to deliver flexible, high quality and efficient production.

DI-BATCH mixing systems are designed to process complex formulations from liquid and dry ingredients to a premix, final syrup or final beverage. There is a clear focus on flexibility, quality and efficiency for the customer. Due to possible parallel operations, the batch time can be shortened. It can be used for unitized or non-unitized products. All flush water is recipe controlled to ensure a constant product quality. 

The DI-BATCH is a modular system available for the following uses:

  • Powder handling: emptying of bags and big bags, with powder dissolving into a dissolving tank
  • Emptying of liquid packaging (bottles, can, glasses, canister, drums, barrels) 
  • Create premix for energy drinks, isotonic sport drinks, soft drinks, flavored drinks, others…

Minimal manual handling

Together with big bag, sack, drum and IBC handling systems, the DI-BATCH batch mixer optimizes manual handling. A control system provides a cross-checking capability to ensure accurate ingredient dosing and also generates reports and trend information that can be integrated into an overall process plant control system.

Scalable plant process control solutions

GEA Codex® comprises an engineering portal, a high-performance HMI, standardized and structured software and is the easy way to compile your master recipes, incorporating ingredients, access points and operating instructions. Plus, with material identification by human readable code and RFID technology, the system can be fully automated for batch execution. The double-check validation option for recipe changes and previous versions ensures compliance with current legislation and transparent. 


Special Features

  • Cleanability of the system (CIP) 
  • Batch logging (option)
  • Adaptable to customized products and process
  • Adaptable to special powder and liquid packages
  • Dissolving process is adapted experience-wise to the raw material
  • Optimum raw material use without overdosing
  • Easy product change
  • Monitoring to avoid production failures
  • Pre-weighing system available


  • Constantly high product quality
  • Optimum use of raw materials, nearly loss free
  • High flexibility - easy product change, new products
  • Complete traceability
  • Reducing labor in the batch-preparing area
  • Low wear and tear, i.e. only little maintenance required
  • Modular system to fulfil customer requirements
  • Proven system (batch out of more than 20 ingredients)
  • Partly emptying functionality allows the customer to have a great flexibility in purchasing raw materials (big non-unitized packages, multiple supplier for one ingredient)
  • Short batch production times due to possible parallel operations


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