Pharmaceutical lotions and suspensions, often used to treat rashes and skin irritations, are typically produced using the same high-standard process conditions and equipment as sterile products. GEA can call on its years of experience in handling difficult applications - such as those involving hazardous, flammable, sticky, hygroscopic or viscous products — to find the right solution for your specific application.

The GEA Advantage

For topical applications that provide an effective way of delivering an active ingredient directly to the affected area, GEA provides engineering services, complete process plants and standalone equipment to manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and home and personal care (HPC) industries. Our aim is to keep bespoke development to a minimum, offer a cost-effective solution in terms of capital and operational expenditure versus risk and achieve the fastest possible time to market.

Personal Care

GEA also supplies processing plant for the personal care industry, for the production of liquid and highly viscous products such as face and body lotions, ointments, creams and emollients. There are two key considerations to address when manufacturing creams and lotions: the safety of the ingredients involved and the risk of bacterial contamination. GEA’s process engineers are experts at dealing with these issues; our technologies and know-how can help you to reduce the risk of introducing bacterial contamination when producing emollients and moisturizers, for example, whilst also maintaining product safety. 

Equipment Expertise

Offering complete solutions for sterile or semi-sterile water-in-oil (w/o) or oil-in-water (o/w) formulations, our equipment for the manufacture of liquid finished products includes batch mixing and continuous blending systems, stationary or mobile metering technology, regulation and control systems, CIP/SIP solutions, storage vessels that comply with both national and international regulations, the distribution and dosing of raw materials, homogenization and complete engineering services for the assembly of entire production lines.

In addition, as containment experts, we offer the largest variety of solutions for contained processing, as well as unrivalled experience in identifying the most appropriate solution based on a containment risk analysis.

GEA uses its unique combination of skilled process and automation resources to provide integrated process solutions that are safe reliable and offer optimum performance at the right capital cost.

GEA Insights

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