Topical semi-solid dosage forms for the pharmaceutical industry can be formulated as creams, gels, ointments or pastes. As well as an active ingredient, they may also contain emulsifiers, stabilizing agents, viscosity modifiers and, in some applications, antioxidants.Gels (sometimes call jellies) can be used to administer drugs via the skin or bodily cavities, depending on the desired therapeutic effect and the site of action or administration.

The GEA Advantage

Whatever it is you want to produce in your process plant, our wide range of plant modules will perform any task and meet any requirements or conditions. By using the latest components and valve technology, and the latest manufacturing concepts for vessels and skids, we ensure that you will be able to use your plant to manufacture your product in a manner that is economic, gentle and efficient.

Topical formulations present many challenges regarding bioavailability and stability. As such, controlling material parameters such as particle size and viscosity are critical. By contrast, gels are becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical industry as, compared with pastes and creams, it’s easier to confirm the full dissolution of the active ingredient, as well as providing superior absorption characteristics. 

Personal Care

In the home and personal care sector, this product form can be processed into clear, shear thinning formulations for shower gels, shaving gels, toothpastes, hair care products (microemulsions), deodorants and liquid soaps. They usually comprise water or alcoholic solutions that are gelled or thickened with specific agents such as natural gums, acrylic polymers or cellulosic-type polymers.

Single-Source Supplier

Offering comprehensive system engineering and project management for the pharmaceutical, biotech and personal care industries, GEA’s is a market-leading provider of equipment for powder and liquid mixing and blending, intermediate storage, temperature treatment, filtration, separators, homogenization, CIP/SIP solutions and automation systems.

Our pant is designed to be free from dead-leg areas, completely drainable, suitable for CIP/SIP and sample collection, and compatible with a wide range of valves and/or piping.

Supplying consultancy, engineering, automation, process vessels, skids/units, installation, qualification and assistance with validation, our experienced process engineers will work with your team to develop innovative and efficient process technologies that meet the exact needs of your application.

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GEA helps dairy cows avoid lameness with AI solution

GEA minimizes dairy cow lameness with AI solution

GEA CattleEye alerts dairy farmers when cows are lame, enabling them to address health issues quickly to ensures optimal cow health and milk yield.

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GEA solutions enable fiber-to-fiber recycling of textiles

Chemical recycling solutions from GEA allow mixed fiber textiles with PET to be recycled and made into new sustainable clothing.

Workers working at Hovione

Advancing continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing

GEA and partners innovate flexible continuous processing technologies, transforming pharmaceutical development and manufacturing for a modernized future.

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