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Semi solids
GEA is a market-leading provider of plant and equipment for the production of liquids, semi-solids and highly viscous products such as lotions, ointments, creams and emollients. Our expertise includes the reception, storage, distribution and dosing of raw materials, mixing, transfer and finished product storage, and the distribution of utilities such as water, air and steam.

GEA supplies consultancy, engineering, automation, process vessel manufacture, skids/units, installation, qualification and assistance with validation. As your single-source provider of complete lines for the pharmaceutical and greater life science industries, our experienced process engineers will work with your team to develop innovative and efficient process technologies that meet your specific needs.

GEA understands the entire production process, derived from know-how and many years of experience, which guarantees complete integration with up- and downstream processes. GEA likes to challenge traditional thinking, and we are able to offer customized solutions that meet the specific requirements of each single customer.

Process Equipment

Our product selection includes, among others, tanks, mixers, valves, pumps, pigging systems, measurement technology, high pressure homogenization and micronization equipment, and Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems. We offer a selection of well-proven operating systems and data recording options and, when required, a large range of customized CIP/SIP systems, from mobile and independent cleaning systems to diverse CIP satellites fed with conditioned cleaning solutions.

From customized software packages that enable the customer to define each single phase of the process to tailor-made solutions, such as bin lifts for the automatic addition of solid ingredients through fully automatic manifolds for the accurate dosing of highly viscous liquids, GEA guarantees a safe and hygienic production environment that meets the exact requirements of your each specific application.

Homogenizers Ariete Series web

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