Industrial fluids

Washing liquids

Certain surface treatment processes in the metal-processing industry require thorough cleaning with washing liquids beforehand. To maintain the optimum cleaning effect and ensure continuity of production, entrained particles and tramp oils must be separated out early. GEA separators can handle this job.

Treatment with separators

In the running production process, GEA separator separate oil and solid particles in a single step. The system convinces through its constantly high cleaning efficiency and substantially reduced washing lye consumption. The life of the cleaning liquid is extended, wear to the machine tools is reduced and the quality of the machined work pieces is enhanced.

Important role in the automotive supplier industry

One branch in which this cleaning process plays an important role is the automotive supplier industry. Deep drawing presses operating with pressing weights of up to 2000 tons are used for the production of car body parts. Local temperatures of up to 2000 °C can occur as a result of the level of pressure and friction between the tool and the work piece. For this reason, so-called drawing oil is sprayed into those areas in which the largest deformations take place. This reduces the level of wear and tear on the expensive tools, and also increases the dimensional accuracy of the components. Before further processing, the components have to be degreased in a series of immersion baths. Tramp oil and metal particles must be continuously removed from the washing lye to prevent renewed grease contamination.

Considerable reduction of disposal costs

Separators from GEA are applied in the treatment of the lye-drawing oil mixture. They ensure that the circulating washing lye always remains clean. At the same time, concentrated drawing oil is recovered in the separating process which is recycled back into the drawing process after being enriched with additives. This means lower disposal costs for the supplier since the oil-free wash water does not have to be declared as special oil and can therefore be disposed of more cheaply.

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