Industrial fluids

Rolling, cutting & grinding oil

Continuous treatment of rolling, cutting, and grinding oil is recommended to remove contaminants, such as water and particles of dirt or metal, that could cause corrosion, blockages and system malfunctions. GEA separators are perfect for this continuous treatment process, and can remove metal particles down to 1 μm.

A smooth operator

GEA’s centrifugal separation technology can be applied in the bypass to the circulation system, to remove impurities and contaminating particles, and ensure that the purified oil operates at maximum efficiency.

As well as being capable of removing metal particles that are as small as a bacterium, our technology can separate organic particles down to about 5 μm. The resulting oil contains only about 0.1 per cent by volume of free water,  which means that over 99.9 percent by volume is pure rolling, cutting, and grinding oil.

The use of a GEA separator allows the oil to be cleaned more efficiently and quickly than is possible using a conventional sedimentation tank. Industry benefits from longer service lives for bearings, improved machine availability and reduced down time, and reduced oil purchase and disposal costs.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Extended oil change intervals 
  • Higher productivity 
  • Considerable cost savings

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