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MARPOL liquids

MARPOL (marine pollution) oils are effectively all oils that are produced as a waste product during a ship’s operation. In practice, MARPOL oils are primarily those that contaminate bilgewater or tank wash water. MARPOL oils can, however, be reused as fuel following a simple treatment process.

Environmentally friendly treatment

GEA offers the decanter and self-cleaning separator technologies that effectively separate the waste into water, solids and oils.Using our technology, disposal companies in ports benefit from an efficient treatment that turns a waste product into a sought-after raw material.

Separated oils with a high calorific value

Using GEA decanter centrifuges to separate the MARPOL oil can generally reduce the solids content down to 0.2 per cent, and the content of free water to less than 1 percent. Downstream of this initial decanter separation, GEA separators remove the finest solids and the residual water. The separated oil can then be sold as a fuel with a high calorific value. Recycling the oils also reduces disposal costs. The separated water phase can be treated further in a waste water plant, but it is clean enough to be returned straight to the environment.

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