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Diesel is the most important engine fuel – not only in industry, but also in agriculture. However, its quality is not always the same. Difficult transport and storage conditions frequently result in the fuel becoming contaminated with condensation and particles of dirt which can cause considerable damage to modern high-performance engines.

Fuel and diesel oil treatment protects high-performance engines

With centrifugal separators, GEA provides a solution for the treatment of contaminated fuel and diesel oil that meets the needs of the market. Their small size makes them easy to transport, so they can be used in even the most remote regions. 

GEA separators reliably separate solid impurities and water from the contaminated diesel or fuel oil. This ensures a longer service life for the engines, lower operating costs and reduced consumption of filter components.

GEA offers solutions for the agricultural sector, public transport, mining and petrol stations that are tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

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