Cat fines

In order for crude oil to be used as fuel, it must first be processed in special refining processes. One example of such a process is distillation with catalysts. In the subsequent separation of the cat fines which are used, GEA centrifuges perform an excellent service and offer our customers tremendous cost benefits.

Double effect: engine protection and cat fines recycling

Cat fines are catalysts, usually aluminum and silicon compounds, which are used in oil processing for the production of petrol and other fuels. They are used in catalytic cracking, in which large high-boiling hydrocarbon molecules are broken down into many smaller low-boiling molecules. Because cat fines are extremely abrasive, they have to be removed from the oil residues after the refining process. If they are not treated in such a way, they might cause severe damage to the engine.

GEA decanters and separators demonstrate their efficiency and effectiveness in the recovery of cat fines. There is a wide range of customer benefits: the reliable separation of the catalysts results in optimum quality of the end products, which means that higher prices can be achieved on the market. In addition, the recovered cat fines can be recycled and reused directly in the catalyst process.

Tough, cool and for ex-zones: high speed centrifuges from GEA

For materials, seals or lubrication: GEA centrifuges meet the structural requirements of hot operation in an optimum manner, and are thus ideal for use in conjunction with high temperatures. As a result of their wear-resistant and ex-protection design, they also guarantee maximum safety with maximum availability.

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