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Whether fuel, lube oil, bilgewater treatment, fuel oil conditioning, engine cooling, seawater desalination, or cooling and freezing is required, GEA offers marine system solutions that make it possible to achieve strategic improvements in efficiency and cut costs while sustainably optimizing product and process quality.

GEA offers its customers in the shipping sector system solutions that are comprehensively and systematically designed for the special requirements on board. All GEA products are designed for extreme conditions and operate reliably even in rough seas.

In an energy-efficient manner, they ensure high performance while securing the maximum availability of the systems. At the same time, they support the aim of shipping companies to protect both crews and the environment as well. 

Marine portfolio

All the rules laid down by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and flag states to protect sensitive maritime ecosystems are more than complied with. The compact design of the systems and components fulfill the requirements of modern shipbuilding by virtue of their low weight and the extremely small space needed to accommodate them. The consistently applied plug-and-play principle simplifies installation, thereby contributing to shortening building times. In addition to this, the systems are low-maintenance and support the demand for an intelligent, supervision-free engine room.

This means that costs are reduced, efficiency increased and return on investment optimized. At the same time working conditions are significantly improved and operational safety is further enhanced. As a result, the economic, social, and ecological sustainability of investments in shipping is further reinforced.

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