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As the personal care market continues to expand, consumers are faced with an increasing number of product choices, particularly when it comes to deodorants. Often a matter of personal preference, the gel versus stick debate continues to roll on.

From pilot skid to industrial-scale solutions, GEA specializes in developing and implementing process plant for the production of liquid, pourable and semi-solid emulsions. Our expansive range of technologies includes standard and customized solutions — each of which can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Substance parameters such as density (bulk density) and viscosity carry great significance when processing liquid body care and toiletry applications. With GEA’s comprehensive body care production know-how, our mixing and high-pressure homogenization solutions allow for constant product quality. Our experts can also assist with expediting product changeovers and minimizing products loss during recovery, etc.

And with highly repeatable processes comes remarkably low operating costs, minimal energy requirements, rapid production and short cleaning times, all of which contribute to the highest levels of operational excellence and quality.

GEA is recognized as a premier supplier of components, systems, automation solutions and plant to the global process industries. With extensive project management experience and capability, our services include the design, supply, installation and qualification of complete process plants and systems. Our technology centers support each of the following processes: 

  • clean-in-place (CIP) systems 
  • homogenization systems
  •  mixing & blending, both batch and continuous
  •  product recovery systems
  •  hygienic design
  •  quick product changeover with low losses

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