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The world of personal care products is fast-moving, ever-evolving and mass-market driven. GEA can call upon its years of experience in handling difficult applications — including hazardous, flammable, sticky, hygroscopic or viscous products — to find the right solutions for customers’ specific application, with the minimum of bespoke development, keeping costs under control and achieving the fastest possible time to market.

With so much money invested in branding and a highly innovative market, manufacturers of personal care products depend upon product quality and processes that are totally consistent and are easily adapted for new trends and product launches.

At GEA we are established experts in raw material handling, mixing and blending, storage, end-of-line packaging, product recovery, cleaning and sterilizing in place, and automation. Whether you need a single component or a complete turnkey plant, GEA has the right technology and the right knowledge and experience to meet those requirements — every time — in terms of hygienic design, product safety, productivity, profitability and quality. We also have the skill, experience and fundamental understanding of the products and processes involved, gained through our long history and unrivalled knowledge, that can make a key difference to any project, large or small.

GEA is your single source for personal care processing worldwide; it’s where the technology and systems integration experience come together for maximum efficiency, profit and quality for the global personal care industries. All our components are designed to meet the strictest hygiene standards, ensuring safe operation and security of outcome.

Manufacturers of hair care, skin care, oral care, body care, bath & shower as well as color cosmetic products can find the right processing systems with GEA.

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