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Toilet Cleaners

Toilet and toilet bowl cleaners, deodorizers and sodium hypochlorite bleach products - whether liquid, gel or tablet - are multipurpose cleaning products used for disinfecting and toilet cleaning.

Technically Advanced Mixing Systems

Effective mixing is at the heart of every Home & Personal Care processing plant. Some applications need a batch approach, some need continuous mixing: all need GEA expertise. Mixing is the most demanding operation in process operations; it is the key factor in determining the quality of the final product. It is, therefore, essential for processors to make the right choice of technology that will produce a homogenous product, quickly, with the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

With our range of mixing and blending products, GEA retains its position as the global technology leader for hygienic mixing systems.

We are established experts in raw material handling, mixing and blending, storage, end-of-line packaging, product recovery, cleaning and sterilizing in place (CIP/SIP) and automation. Whether you need a single component or a complete turnkey plant, GEA has the right technology and experience to meet those requirements - every time - in terms of hygienic design, product safety, productivity, profitability and quality.

  • reception and storage of raw materials
  • distribution and dosing of raw materials
  • mixing technology with buffer tanks
  • homogenization systems
  • product storage in bulk tanks
  • transfer lines to tanks and filling lines
  • distribution of utilities such as water, air and steam
  • clean-in-place (CIP) systems, automation and process control

Products & technologies

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