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From protein concentrates to isolates, our extraction, separation, purification, concentration and drying technologies will enable you to design the most optimal process for your application, whether it’s an animal feed or a supplement for human food and beverage use.

Spray dried protein powder

GEA’s separation technology ensures high recovery levels of top quality product, and our decanter centrifuges and centrifugal separators are designed for maximum separation efficiency, optimal protein yield, minimum energy consumption and hygienic process management. Furthermore, GEA offers a wide range of spray dryers that can be configured to accommodate a broad spectrum of powder properties.  

Beyond vegetable protein concentrates and plant isolates, we also offer complete solutions for hydrolyzed fish and animal proteins, including gelatins.

GEA has developed a comprehensive range of technologies, equipment and know-how to configure and install equipment for key process steps in vegetable protein manufacturing.

Key process steps for plant-based protein powders

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    Centrifuge clarifying decanter

    The most common wet separation is a multi-stage process involving protein extraction, protein precipitation and purification. Key end points are consistent protein quality and high yields, using technologies that ensure hygienic processing and sustainable water management. A membrane filtration unit could optionally be used to isolate specific fractions of the purified protein.

  • 2
    GEA BATCH FORMULA® PRO High Shear Mixer

    The protein-rich fraction derived from the isolation and purification steps is neutralized and diluted to the required concentration and viscosity.

  • 3
    Direct steam sterilization

    An indirect UHT plant with tube heat exchanger, steam injection or steam infusion is used to carry out effective heat treatment of protein dispersions.

  • 4
    FSD spray dryer GEA

    The dryer is configured to match the final protein powder properties. The configuration can vary from single stage to three stage drying, with or without fines recycling, integrated agglomeration and/or lecithination.

  • 5
    Ring dryer

    Flash and ring dryers are used for starch and fiber streams drying. Wet material is dispersed into a stream of heated air, which conveys it through a drying column. The heat from the air stream dries the material as it is conveyed.

  • 6
    GEA Nu-Con powder silos

    Conveying of powder from the dryer to powder storage followed by conveying to the powder filling system or other processing unit such as powder mixing. Conveying can be performed by gravity, pneumatic, mechanical or vibratory means as required by the application.

  • 7
    HYGiPac R1

    Powder filling into 25kg and big bags using high hygiene automatic powder fillers. Automated bag handling and closing is performed inside an enclosed safe environment to eliminate potential for contamination.

  • 8

    Effluent from the protein isolation process can undergo thermal separation in an evaporator, to produce a concentrate and a clean condensate. Condensate from the evaporator can be further purified in a GEA reverse osmosis (RO) plant to generate a concentrated retentate and a permeate of very high purity.

  • 9
    CIP (Clean in Place)

    Effective CIP solutions remove any leftover product from the plant, tank surfaces, heat exchangers, pumps, pipes, etc. Systems with SIP (Sterilize-in-Place) functionality for high microbiologic control can be integrated.

  • 10

    Advanced process control tools enable consistent, and robust process conditions with the highest efficiency levels and minimum energy consumption.

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