Innovative solutions for fish & seafood processing

Seafood producers, facing the imperative for higher efficiencies and new value creation, are adapting to evolving consumer trends and responsibility in a world of resource scarcity. As GEA we recognize the challenges shaping your industry. These challenges demand for ingenuity, collaboration, and inventive solutions.

We are pleased to present our robust portfolio of solutions that not only address challenges like labor shortages, supply/demand imbalances and sustainability but also harness the potential for new value creation.

Let GEA be your Technology partner in progress as we aspire to move the market forward together.

Seafood and fish applications such as salmon, fresh marinated fish, shrimps and coated fish burgers

Seafood and fish applications such as fresh salmon, marinated fish, shrimps and coated fish burgers

Value-added processing

GEA offers a full spectrum of solutions that align perfectly with your requirements. We support you to produce healthy, tasty, high quality seafood while at the same time boost efficiencies, driving sustainability objectives and leverage the value of digitization.

From single machines to turnkey solutions from packaged pre marinated fish to frozen shrimps or crispy fish fingers. Our value adding solutions and services support you in all of the following process steps:

Fish burger | GEA Seafood & Fish processing and packaging

Discover a typical seafood process from preparation to packaging

GEA’s defrosting & mixing equipment and bowl cutting machines prepare fish and other seafood products for further processing. Efficient treatment of these raw materials optimizes product quality and increases operational efficiency. The result: maximum value from the production line.

GEA MultiJector 2mm needles change

Marination can turn seafood and fish cuts into a succulent basis for a delicious meal as well cost-effectively prepare products on an industrial scale. GEA's innovative marination equipment brings one of the world's oldest food preparation techniques into today's automated food processing industry. Increased shelf life has evolved into added value, new products creation and increasing profits.

Chicken Nugget Drum Former - GEA MaxiFormer

Fish, nuggets, stars... with GEA forming equipment there is almost no limit to the shapes and sizes you can create. Products like fish, seafood and fish-replacement products are handled appropriately by innovative forming systems to preserve quality and structure.

GEA CrumbMaster Gen 2 - crumb coating machine outfeed with sourdough crumb coated products

The right coating adds value to your fish ad seafood products. And now, in line with the trend towards healthier eating and lower fat intake, you need more accurate control over coating parameters. GEA industrial food coating solutions give you this control - plus the capability to cost-effectively produce an appetizing variety of products.

Breaded and coated chicken products on CookStar 1000 Gen 3 industrial oven

Know-how to cook a product and understanding the principles of cooking is the basis for the art of cooking. Food processors want to serve the food chain with attractive, healthy and innovative food. Using the GEA ovens, processors are capable of tuning the products to their demands and innovation to anticipate future trends.

Correction display

Loading of shingle, stack, zig zag, shaved, interleaved or any contour portions in a most efficient way? Our efficient loading systems feed the portions fully automatically from the slicer to a thermoformer, traysealer or horizontal flowpacker. Furthermore we can provide semi-automatic loading systems as well.

GEA Tunnel-Freezers

GEA Freezers: State-of-the-art freezing technology. GEA Freezers fulfils customer needs from initial contact to long after installation. Our widely respected design and manufacturing teams produce a broad range of energy efficient freezing and cooling systems. GEA customizes systems based on extensive experience with a large breadth of products and processes.

Packaging plays a critical role in distribution, preservation and presentation of food. Differentiating your product on the shelf is as important as the product’s taste itself.

Seafood and fish processing & packaging people

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Capturing New Oceans

We work closely with our customers to assess their processes, build compelling business cases, and craft optimal solutions that align perfectly with the requirements of the seafood industry.

Our specialized Technology Centers for food processing and packaging in Bakel (NL) and Wallau (DE) provide you the opportunity to test, validate and optimize your production process.

Ready to learn more about GEA’s specific solutions and single process steps or talk about a full line solution?
Smoked Salmon bowl | Seafood and fish processing and packaging gea equipment


Capturing new oceans. Seafood production redefined.

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Register for our customer event in our XLAB in Wallau, Germany on September 25. We will demonstrate our latest technologies live in action and will teach you how GEA can help seafood producers.

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