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Ketchup is still regarded as the number one condiment worldwide. And even though thousands of recipes to make ketchup have been published, and no matter whether it’s used to add color or flavor to meals and dishes, getting the taste and texture right is absolutely essential.

Solutions for ketchup manufacturing

Used during cooking to add a little extra zest to food or sometimes added prior to serving as a sauce, ketchup’s role as an important taste and flavor provider means that market growth is still strong. As markets change, however, and consumers demand more healthier options, we understand your need to provide top quality products.

Based on decades of experience, we’ve developed a complete range of components, technologies and integrated lines that are quick to install, flexible and versatile. We can also extend and upgrade existing lines — without compromising on quality — whatever your product range, plant capacity or layout.

From highly engineered vacuum mixers, homogenizers, pasteurizers and piping solutions to process automation and clean-in-place (CIP) plant, we can tailor completely integrated ketchup manufacturing lines, from raw materials reception to filling. But don’t just take our word for it. We also offer laboratory and pilot plant testing facilities where you can try out new recipes and formulations and optimize process development, using a wide range of GEA systems and solutions.

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