Liquid food

Processing food the liquid way

Manufacturing plants for liquid foods | ketchup, mayonnaise, dressings, honey
In the fast-paced, global market of liquid foods such as condiments, sauces and dressings, quality is key. Helping our customers produce the finest food products to meet the ever-growing needs of consumers around the world, GEA can help customers drive efficiency and quality improvements through industry leading solutions and technologies in processing food products and ingredients.

Liquid foods present unique challenges for our customers. Complex ingredients, liquids and powders, and high viscosity all require careful handling.

From single or standalone units, such as mixers and pasteurization units, to entire plant, our products also offer other economic benefits. We can tailor each line to provide a bespoke combination of modules that ensures both repeatable processing to manufacture stable, homogeneous products with a long shelf-life, and efficient clean-in-place (CIP) and recovery solutions to maximize safety and improve yields.

Stay abreast of changing demands, worldwide trends and sector expectations by testing your process or product at the GEA Test Center for Aseptic Processing & Filling in Ahaus, Germany. From ketchups and mayonnaises to honey, eggs, soups and baby foods, our experts are ready and waiting help you refine your formulations, develop new products and bring them to market quickly and profitably.

With GEA’s many years of experience in mixing, homogenization, pasteurization, automation and CIP, you and your products are in good hands.

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