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Frozen food: food processing for premium quality

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Manufacturers and distributors of convenience foods require efficient refrigeration and freezing technologies for storage and transport of products. Investment in effective refrigeration management systems is a minimum requirement both for manufacturers and the distribution chain. GEA engineers can design an efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable refrigeration or freezing solution for every type of food.

From ammonia chillers and carton freezers, to food packaging equipment, valves and control systems, GEA has a wide range of technologies to help preserve convenience foods.

GEA chillers are suitable for just about any area of industrial refrigeration, and are available as piston compressor and screw compressor units.

GEA freezer technology encompasses tunnel, carton and spiral freezers. We in addition supply piston and screw compressors, valves, fittings and control systems that will fit any application. Our energy-efficient tunnel freezers are ideally suited for cooling and freezing loosely rolling products, such as peas, berries or French fries. GEA carton freezers are ideal for freezing products in cartons or shrink-wrap, while our spiral freezers, which have  a capacity of up to 7 t/h, are a technology of choice for processed and convenience products such as fish sticks or chicken nuggets. Our spiral freezers featurefrost-management, sequential defrosting (SD), and snow removal systems (SRS), which allow continuous operation for up to14 days, without interruption for defrosting.

GEA Europa Cuisson

Customer story

Poultry specialist Europa Cuisson is spreading its wings

Over the past 30 years Europa Cuisson has become a market leader in Europe in cooked poultry products. The company found a reliable partner in GEA to support its ambitious growth plans.
Pieter d'Arta

Moving forward in frozen food packaging with d`Arta

As a global player in frozen vegetables and fruit, the Belgian company d’Arta has benefitted for years from the efficiency and speed of the GEA vertical packaging machines.
 Michael Huttary with touch pannel

Tunnel freezer increases processing capacity in the Frosta plant

Advanced freezer technology increases processing capacity in the Frosta plant. The company can process freshly harvested vegetables 15% faster thanks to the new GEA tunnel frezer.
Refrigeration & heating for food processes

Refrigeration & heating for food processes

Meeting your precise temperature requirements – naturally

With safe and sustainable products and solutions our experts at GEA can help optimize cold chains. For better industrial refrigeration processes.
SEnS - GEA's sustainable engineering solutions

SEnS - GEA's sustainable engineering solutions

A unique integration of process solutions and cooling & heating demands, resulting in lower energy consumption, minimized operating costs and reduced carbon footprint

Sustainability is a major challenge nowadays, for all of us. In a world where more and more people are moving to urban centers and disposable income is increasing steadily, demand for better food and medicines is on the rise. To cope with that growing demand, we need large-scale industrial production to provide safe, high-quality food. Globally, water and energy are becoming increasingly scarce commodities and environmental norms are becoming ever stricter. That’s why we need efficient, resource-saving and reliable production processes.

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