Our Pow(d)erful Expertise will be on display at POWTECH. Powder drying and handling technologies and solutions for processing solids & liquids for virtually all industries. Covering applications such as food, feed, pharma, chemicals, hard metals, battery materials, high-quality plastics and more.

On the GEA Booth:

This year at POWTECH, some of the innovative and small-carbon-footprint solutions that will be displayed at GEA´s booth include an improved version of GEA´s patented spray dryer: 


Ever since its introduction, the MOBILE MINOR® Spray Dryer has enjoyed a unique reputation as the perfect choice lab-scale spray dryer to explore the possibilities of spray drying and produce small-volume powder samples. Now with a new and highly efficient cyclone CEE (Cyclone Extra Efficiency). Robust, reliable and versatile already in its original version, it has a proven record of efficiency thanks to the more than 2500 plants worldwide where it has been installed. 

The MOBILE MINOR® is available in different versions designed to cater for different requirements including the drying of aqueous and/or solvent based feedstock. As different atomization techniques give different droplet sizes and drying characteristics, the MOBILE MINOR® is available in three different atomization techniques:

  • Rotary atomization
  • Atomization by a co-current two-fluid nozzle
  • Atomization by two-fluid nozzle in fountain mode

In addition, several options are available for powder collection, explosion protection, cleaning, data logging and other technical features.


Also on showcase will be the new GEA Dosing solution for 0,5-100kg/hr dosing – also known as GEA Scan-Vibro Loss-In-Weight (LIW) dosing system FES. The system is designed for ingredients – additives dosing within the food, dairy, chemical and other industries. The LIW dosing system, the entire feeder, hopper, and material are continuously weighed via high precision load cells and delivering information about discharges flow to the feeder controller with HMI control panel. The system can be operated as stand-alone or be controlled via Ethernet IP from central process line control system Scada.   

The GEA LIW system can be delivered together with bag empty station or integrated in process lines. The LIW units is designed for batch and continuous operation, they are tailor-made to meet the customers´ specific requirements and are available in different automation levels. The feeder part can be with an open or closed designed conveyor. 

With the possibility to have a high sanitary level or not -according to the customer´s needs, they are an easy operable, trustworthy, and low-maintenance solution for a wide variety of processes. On top of this, GEA LIW dosing systems are also easy cleanable solution.

Key Features (with additional features and options upon need):

  • Loss In weight dosing application from 0,5 kg/hr. (500 g/hr.) to 100 kg/hr.
  • Designed for high sanitary applications as well for industrial applications.
  • Compatible communication with wide range of PLC systems.
  • Compliance with USDA 3A, EHEDG or NZFSA on request 
  • Robust, low maintenance and designed for batch and continuously operation.
  • Easy to clean. 
GEA Scan-Vibro Loss-in-wight-dosing-system

More to discover:

At GEA, we know that excellent equipment and plants are only one part of success -this is why we offer several options of our service concept “GEA Service – For your continued success” and POWTECH is the perfect occasion to display how GEA makes sure customers are effectively supported throughout the entire life cycle of their installed systems and components exactly the way they need it and when they need it. 

From project engineering, installation and commissioning to maintaining and improving the performance of the customer’s plant and equipment, GEA is the ideal business partner when it comes to all things powder.


Join us at POWTECH

Hall 2 Booth 2-200
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