GEA at Anuga FoodTec 2024

RE:Think Food Tech.

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RE:THINK FOOD TECH – GEA at Anuga FoodTec 2024

Service & Digital Solutions

Here at GEA we live digitalization. Real-time monitoring and smart digital solutions that link to equipment and processes in your factories can help you to achieve more efficient, more reliable, and more cost effective manufacturing. And of course, our experts, and a comprehensive range of services, are available to support you, every day. Visit our booth at Anuga FoodTec.


Automation & control systems

Empower your automation team with knowledge from GEA Codex® Academy

This digital service is the knowledge-sharing platform for Codex, our scalable automation solution that’s based on the most frequently used systems in the industry (Siemens, Rockwell, AVEVA and Ignition).

Safeguard your control system with GEA Codex® Asset Care

Production facilities are becoming more interconnected, making them increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks and other risks. Ensure that your control system has the right preventive maintenance to protect its operational as...

automation support for plant control system

Ensure system availability with GEA Codex® Remote Support

Control system issues must be addressed quickly to maximize the system's potential. Resolve any unexpected situations related to your plant control system without delays and maximize its availability.

GEA x control

The neXt level of automation for your centrifuges with GEA X control

The new control system for centrifuges brings significant improvements in terms of integration, connectivity, data processing and safety. GEA X Control lays the foundation for the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Digital service platforms & solutions

GEA KPInsight – 24/7 access to productivity-relevant operating parameters of dairy centrifuges

GEA KPInsight for dairy centrifuges

KPInsight, one of the products in the GEA InsightPartner product family, enables 24/7 access to productivity-relevant operating parameters of dairy centrifuges for a more sustainable operation.

A cloud-based web application for processing and packaging lines, the latest addition to the GEA InsightPartner family, will make its debut at the trade show. Integrated into continuous machine monitoring, advanced analytics and predictive elements suggest ways to save resources in operations. Source: GEA

GEA InsightPartner for Food processing & packaging

By providing instant access to real-time equipment data, InsightPartner helps food processors manage their production better. Our cloud-based solution offers advanced analytics and comprehensive insights based on continuous data...

GEA RemotePartner for Food processing & packaging

GEA RemotePartner for Food processing & packaging

Boost efficiency and save time with GEA RemotePartner. It combines digital machine access and remote support to help you identify the root cause of any equipment issue swiftly and get instant assistance from GEA experts. The...

GEA InsightPartner Filtration -  a digital service product that uses the Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) in membrane filtration.

GEA InsightPartner Filtration

Remote monitoring in real-time: This application is a digital service product that applies Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) concepts to membrane filtration technologies for fast and data-based decisions.

Smart filtration CIP & Flush cleaning

GEA Smart Filtration CIP

Reduce the electrical power usage of your membrane filtration process by up to 46% without compromising the effectiveness of your cleaning process. Our Smart Filtration CIP is an example of our engineering know-how in practice...

GEA Smart Filtration Flush

GEA Smart Filtration Flush

The software-based solution reduces both water consumption and the demand for sewage capacity. It combines GEA membrane filtration technology with an intelligent, sensor-based flushing process to reduce freshwater consumption...

GEA Performance Cockpit for Filling

GEA Smart Filling

The GEA Smart Filling platform increases the efficiency and quality of your production by monitoring and analyzing production data to create optimized maintenance strategies, detailed feedback reports that help take immediate...

GEA OptiPartner process optimization

GEA OptiPartner for powder plants

GEA OptiPartner combines GEA’s process know-how with operational expertise to optimize the productivity of spray drying plants for powder production.

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