Potable water

Drinking water is obtained from either groundwater or surface water. The use of surface water is increasing due to population growth and environmental pollution. In EU countries, 64 percent of drinking water is already obtained from surface water. GEA's centrifugal separation technology plays a central role in this process.

boy playing at water spring
Unlocking nature's refreshment
Surface water, such as lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, can be a valuable source of freshwater for communities. However, before it is safe for consumption, surface water must undergo a rigorous purification process to remove impurities and contaminants.

The purification process begins with the removal of humus, minerals, organic impurities, chemical residues, viruses, and bacteria from the surface water. Various chemical processes are employed initially to break down and neutralize contaminants.
Optimum clarification efficiency, maximum possible solids dewatering
Clarifying decanters then take over the task of dewatering the sludge produced during sedimentation. Due to their high bowl speed and high scroll torque, combined with differential speed control in response to solids loading, clarifying decanters achieve optimum clarification efficiency and maximum solids dewatering.
Environmental responsibility
In addition to providing safe drinking water, our approach to gaining drinking water from surface water prioritizes environmental responsibility. By using efficient purification methods, we minimize the impact on natural ecosystems while ensuring sustainable access to freshwater resources for current and future generations.

Moreover, GEA provides a range of equipment including jet and vacuum pumps designed for conveying liquids such as water, acids, or lyes, as well as solids like sand, gravel, salt, activated carbon, and ion exchange resin in water treatment facilities.

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