Milk Fat Products

Milk fat products: gentle and precise processing

Milk fats from cows and other dairy animals form the basis of a wide variety of sweet and sour cream butters, anhydrous milk fats (butter oils), ghee and dairy spreads for both consumers and the food industry.

The demand for milk fat products is on the rise, with commentators estimating that the global market for AMF could grow from $2 billion in 2017, to $4 billion by 2023, while the value of the global butter market could reach nearly $5.7 billion by 2021.

The quality of raw dairy ingredients is an obvious factor in the determining the final quality, taste, viscosity and shelf-life of milk fat products. The ability to gently, and precisely process milk components and their derivatives is also key to consistency and quality, and productivity. Your ingredients and equipment are partners in the overall aim of winning consumer favor and ultimately market share. 

GEA has built on decades of experience working with the dairy industry to design, develop and tailor state-of-the-art, hygienic components, equipment, and turnkey solutions for manufacturing every type of milk fat product. 

As a single-source supplier we offer complete process lines for sweet, lactic and sour cream butters and AMF. Solutions for butter production are founded on the Fritz process and built around our BUE buttermaking machines, enabling efficient, continuous processing at industrial scale. And with consumers now increasingly adopting ‘low-fat’ diets, we can configure end-to-end systems for producing reduced fat, and vegetable fat-added products that are gaining market favor by means of a dosing unit for water, buttermilk, dairy culture or other liquids. A multiple stage mixer evenly blends all ingredients.

GEA also configures and supplies complete solutions for producing AMF, anhydrous butter oils and butter oils from creams, butters or raw milk. We have specialist industry knowledge that means we can configure optimum solutions for your products, including concentration equipment, tanks, feed pumps, heaters, oil and polishing separators and dryers. During 2018 we supplied our BUE 6000 buttermaking machine to a customer in India for the industrial production of ghee and other milk fat products. The installation represents the largest buttermaking machine in India at the time. 

From ingredients reception through to specially designed clarifiers, homogenization equipment, we can configure every part of your milk fat process to help maximize yield from valuable ingredients. Our hygienic, easy maintenance technologies are built for sustainable, flexible processing so you can expand, diversify and adapt to changing markets. We work hard to design machines that save on resource use, and to develop smart systems that recover and reuse heat and water, and recover fats, to help you achieve your green initiatives and goals, and reduce waste and product loss. Solutions from GEA are supported by user-friendly, open automation systems that can monitor and/or control key stages in your process, so you can be confident of consistent, reliable and safe processing, without bottlenecks and unnecessary delays.  

We take care of every component and system, down to the pipework and utilities, and efficient, water- and detergent-saving clean-in-place plants that speed cleaning, help to reduce downtime, and free up valuable personnel time.

Talk to your local GEA team to find out more about our industry-leading solutions for every milk fat product and process. 

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