Desserts & Fermented Products

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Desserts & Fermented Products
While fermented dairy foods have for centuries represented dietary staples for populations in regions including the middle East, Eastern Europe and India, their popularity now extends truly worldwide. People have embraced a diverse range of savory, sweet and neutral tastes as a go-to snack, protein-packed pick-me-up, or as a key part of a healthy diet.
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Consumers expect fresh tastes, consistent textures and high levels of nutritional components. The ongoing challenge for producers is to ensure the delivery of top quality products, while maintaining safe, hygienic, reliable fermentation and product processing. And manufacturers ultimately need the versatility to innovate, adapt to meet market demands, meet quality and cost expectations, and focus on environmental sustainability. 

GEA understands these pressures, and partners with you to develop tailor-made solutions and install the highest quality end-to-end lines for liquid or viscous fermented milk products and desserts, whatever your process, recipe or capacity. Our technologies are underpinned by smart automation and control systems to help keep your processes running smoothly and efficiently, every day.

Flexible process lines

One size doesn’t fit all when manufacturing diverse products that may include set, stirred or strained yogurts, drinking yogurts, sour milk drinks, buttermilk, sour cream, custard and rice puddings. Because you need to derive maximum value from expensive capital investments, our specialists work to configure and install hardworking, easily maintained and robust process lines that can adapt as you grow, expand, and diversify. Where possible options include skid-mounted, plug-and-play equipment that can minimize on-site assembly costs and commissioning time, and give you the flexibility to adapt and adjust your processes as required.  

Working with a single supplier for your complete process lines means you can expect seamless integration of equipment at every stage, including upstream solutions for milk reception, separation, standardization, cream and powder handling. Our technologies for pasteurization, sterilization, and UHT treatment support safe, hygienic and consistent processing of milk and creams. 

Equipment for your needs

Confidence in the reliability and reproducibility of your processes depends heavily on the quality and control of fermentation plants, mixing, separation, homogenization and refrigeration solutions. Installing flexible, multi-tasking centrifugal separators gives you versatile options for milk clarification, milk skimming and strained yogurt production. Equipment that has been designed to support dairy fermentation and incubation can be precisely controlled to provide optimum conditions for yogurt cultures, while efficient and robust centrifugation or membrane filtration systems are ideal for Greek-style and strained yogurts.

GEA is your partner

Why not ask about the latest smart components and technologies for saving energy and resource use, and recycling water and waste heat?

Partner with GEA and you have the benefit of working with dedicated project managers who ensure that every detail is taken care of, and that all deliverables are met on schedule, and to agreed budgets. Our aim is to enable you to start manufacturing high quality products for your end customers, with minimal risk of delays or unexpected extra costs. 

Strained yoghurt

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