Product security matters to us. To learn more about how we prioritize product security, as well as obtaining more information on our actual products, please view the section below.

Product Security

We protect our products against possible attacks in order to ensure the business processes of our customers. Product Security requires a secure development process, assessing risks and defining the target security level of a product and its environment. This includes:

  • Secure remote access to shopfloor equipment is a key technology to provide digital services and support to our customers. This solution is provided centrally as IT service.
  • We focus on factory automation and data-driven services as well as pure digital products and even data accompanying development of mechanical components.
  • With the rise of digitalization, cyber security is a top priority and with GEA you have a reliable partner on your side. 
  • Product Security and Safety experts provide an assessment of customers' GEA production plants in order to increase the availability of the equipment. Please contact your service representative for more information here.
  • Everyone can increase the Security of GEA Products by Responsible Disclosure of security vulnerabilities. We encourage everyone, especially security researchers and ethical hackers, to contact and work with us to actively prevent the damaging and illegal exploitation of security vulnerabilities. Learn more here

“GEA Digital Service Innovations provide higher availability, productivity and sustainability for our customers. Digitalization expands our purpose – Engineering for a better world – into the digital era. Reliable product security is the base for our jointly success."

Tom Oelsner

Chief Digital Officer

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