Building blocks for plastics

Polymers play a vital role in materials science and they are found in many of the products that we surround ourselves with. Innovations in polymer development have enabled numerous technological advancements, new design solutions and improved performance, and have facilitated mass production of many consumer products.

Building blocks for polymer production

GEA provides a number of process solutions for polymer production, including:

  • industrial drying systems
  • centrifugal separators
  • homogenization technology
  • vacuum technology

Our competencies span a wide range of polymers – from bulk polymers and resins to advanced engineered plastics:

  • s-PVC, c-PVC, ABS, MBS, HDPE, PP, PAN, c-PE, POM and PVA
  • e-PVC, EVA, UF, MF, PF, PMMA, PVAc, PVP and Acrylic resins
  • polyester, nylon, PET, PS, ePs
  • polycarbonate

GEA’s high-performance process units and systems, combined with our comprehensive application know-how, knowledge of chemical engineering and polymers, and our expertise in technology, process design and engineering, give our customers a major competitive advantage in terms of higher production rates, at tighter specifications, and with reduced costs and improved efficiency.

Polymer production involves the use of an inert gas to clean the polymer particles. The exhaust gas often contains a large amount of the polymerization solvent and polymerization monomers, which need to be eliminated. GEA offers a wide range of technologies for gas cleaning in the process industries. This includes technologies for dust collection, dry and wet processes for removing gaseous pollutants from process gases, separating heavy metals, removing acid gas, dioxins and furans and other emission-relevant off-gas components. Our plants all comply with the complex safety requirements of the chemicals industry.

We can supply stand-alone units as well as systems that are tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. To ensure optimal process and plant solutions, our process specialists are available for both test work and process development. 

A dedicated project team works with each customer through every stage of the project – from inception until the plant is on stream – to ensure that the project is delivered according to schedule, and that it meets all KPIs. A comprehensive service and upgrade program is also available to guarantee both the performance and longevity of the plant.

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