GEA GQ Liners

GEA GQ Liners

Superior milking performance with a superior liner life - GEA GQ liners promote gentle milk harvest with shorter unit on-times to help you get cows in and out of the parlor faster for the ultimate in efficiency.

NEW!! Global GQ Silicone Liners

For nearly a decade, the GQ family of liners has been known for their high performance milking style and gentleness on teats. We are now excited to introduce the next generation of the GQ – which incorporates the latest features in GEA's liner engineering.

Anti-twist Technology — four equally spaced anti-twist ribs under the liner skirt perfectly mate with the GEA Global Anti-twist Shell to lock the liner in place.

Skirt Lock Barb — keeps the liner head fully seated on the shell and also prevents moisture and debris from entering the pulsation chamber.

Positive Alignment Feedback — triangles on liner rest in triangle recess on the GEA Global Anti-twist Shell for an easy visual queue that liners are installed correctly.

Shut-off Recesses — help reduce the amount of inlet air during attach.

Positioning Bumpers — ensures liners are optimally installed on the claw and the thickest portion of the short milk tube is aligned with the sharpest point of the claw for added durability. 

Innovative Vent Seat 
designed for easy cleaning and superior vent retention.

Superior Liner Life — the GQ silicone model can last up to 6,000 milkings with consistent milking results throughout its liner life.


Global Anti-twist Composite Shells

The next generation in upgraded shell technology for the newest liners in the GEA liner portfolio are here. The extremely durable, fully composite Global Anti-twist Shells are designed to match precisely with the new Global GQ Silicone Liners. These shells feature:

  • Top and bottom locking features to prevent liner from twisting in the shell.
  • Easy to see alignment triangles (that match with the Global GQ liners).
  • Smooth surfaces and limited engraving helps prevent manure/soil build-up.
  • Recessed ribs and flared bottom provides added grip when attaching and positioning the milking unit.

GQ-R Rubber Liners

The iconic GQ barrel shape is available in a rubber material – providing a low slip rate and fast milk-out while being gentle on teat ends. The GQ-R is GEA’s top-selling liner worldwide!

Unique Taper Design — properly milk a wide range of teat sizes and shapes without sacrificing performance. Unique collapse feature of the barrel design and shape promotes gentle milking.

Double Locking Ring — provides a maximum seal, preventing liquids and dirt from being pulled into the teat cup vacuum chamber.

Innovative Vent Seat designed for easy cleaning and superior vent retention.

Durable Milk Tube — the thicker upper part of the milk tube reinforcement area gives maximum durability where the liner needs it most.

GQ-R Anti-twist Shell — a castle–like design mates with the Anti-twist technology under the skirt of the GQ-R rubber liner. This fully locks the liner in place, for optimal performance, milking after milking. Additional benefits include:

  • Ergonomic shell design for efficient unit attachment
  • Exceptional shell durability
  • Excellent liner shape retention in shell
  • Smooth finish with minimal engravings to ease cleaning

Optimize your milking system with GQ liners!

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