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GEA ProManure equipment made by professionals for professionals with a little dirt on their boots.
GEA ProManure - Made by professionals for professionals

‘‘The launch of our new name for the manure management product line will be supported by the ‘GEA ProManure - Be Pro’ quality seal,’’ said Jeramy Sanford, GEA Manure Management Global Product Manager. ‘‘The seal represents GEA's ongoing quality guarantee, commitment to our manure management product line and respect for GEA's manure professionals worldwide.’’

‘‘GEA ProManure represents us perfectly,’’ said Nathalie Leclair, GEA Manure Management Marketing Manager, ‘‘and we hope that our customers -who are the real professionals- will identify themselves as the users of GEA ProManure products.’’

GEA ProManure E2353 Lagoon Super Pump

The change is taking effect with the recent launch of the GEA ProManure E2353 lagoon super pump. The E2353 is a 10-inch high volume discharge lagoon pump designed for the rigors of today's operators with years of experience in the manure industry.

‘‘The pump is an all-new design that promotes wear resistance and performance,’’ said Sanford. ‘‘Using Hardox® 450 as the base material, increases wear resistance. Utilizing thicker material than we have had in the past also extends the life. We then enhanced the discharge of the housing to gain efficiency, increase performance and, reduce load out times.’’

The 10-inch discharge is a first for GEA. This larger discharge helps reduce the HP requirements and increases productivity. Furthermore, by lowering the discharge pipe close to the frame of the pump, the center of gravity is reduced, creating a more stable operating environment. A smooth transition into the agitation nozzle allows for unrivaled agitation performance. The GEA ProManure E2353 pump, is meeting the needs of manure professionals.

GEA ProManure E2758 Steerable Liquid Manure Spreaders

It should be also noted that since end of June the line of GEA liquid manure spreaders and semi-tankers are now carrying the brand new GEA ProManure look. Decals for these specific equipment have been changed to promote the GEA ProManure name.

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