Valve and plant automation

T.VIS® Control & Feedback Systems

The GEA T.VIS® Portfolio offers control and feedback systems in a streamlined, accessible range for every scope of requirements.

T.VIS® Control & Feedback Systems
LEFF® function integrated in GEA T.VIS A-15 control top

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T.VIS® A-15 Control top with automatic SETUP for special applications and requirements

The state-of-the-art solution for advanced system automation with up to 4 feedbacks, and 1–3 solenoid valves.

Among the dedicated application scenarios for the T.VIS® A-15 is the equipment of mixproof valves with monitored seat lifting.

Advanced network connectivity, including IO-Link system communication, offers further exclusive advantages, as does the smart LEFF® function to save energy and water.

For all GEA Hygienic butterfly valves
For all GEA VARIVENT® Valves
For all GEA ASEPTOMAG® and GEA D-tec® Valves

Control Top T.VIS® M-20

T.VIS® M-20 Control top with automatic SETUP for all standard applications

The ideal solution for the majority of application points with a maximum requirement of two feedbacks and up to three solenoid valves.

For all GEA Hygienic butterfly valves
For all GEA VARIVENT® Valves*
For all GEA ASEPTOMAG® and GEA D-tec® Valves*
(*except with monitored seat lifting)
Control top T.VIS® Q-15

T.VIS® Q-15 Safe control and monitoring of overflow valves

The T.VIS® Q-15 used to control and monitor overflow valves of the VARIVENT Q series can optionally be equipped with solenoid valves. The proximity switch is mounted in the valve lantern as standard.
Control top T.VIS E-20

T.VIS® E-20 Control top for explosive gas and dust atmospheres

The explosion-proof T.VIS® E-20 was developed to meet the requirements and wishes of the beverage, food, and chemical industries, where hazardous gases can occur during processing. Likewise, dust explosion was taken into account to enable valve operation in powder atmospheres e.g. in the dairy and pharma industries. The GEA T.VIS® E-20 control top provides a maximum level of protection, certified worldwide, for hazard zones 1/22.
Control Top  T.VIS® P-15, Position Controller

T.VIS® P-15 Position controller for VARIVENT® Control valves

As a controller based on the technology of the T.VIS® A-15 with path measuring system, the T.VIS® P-15 in combination with an air-spring actuator can move to any required valve position between the open/close positions.

The T.VIS® P-15 is characterized not only by its performance but also by its ease of operation and outstanding price/performance ratio.

T.VIS® V-1/V-20 Control Top – for VESTA® Sterile Valves

T.VIS® V-1/V-20 Control top for VESTA® Sterile valves

The T.VIS® V-1/V-20 is a position indicator with feedback system and optional solenoid valves, specially designed for sterile linear process valves in the GEA VESTA® series.

This control top can be customized with up to 2 solenoid valves for single-acting actuators.

T.VIS® P-1 Position Controller – for VESTA® Sterile Valves

T.VIS® P-1 Position controller for VESTA® Sterile valves

The T.VIS® P-1 is a position controller in the design of the VESTA® V-1 Control top for sterile control valves in the GEA VESTA® series.
LEFF®: Smart lifting, sustainable cleaning.


LEFF® technology from GEA saves up to 90 percent on cleaning media

Find out your saving potential with the LEFF® function of GEA Varivent valves.
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