GEA Hilge sterile pharmaceutical pumps

GEA Hilge sterile pharma pumps

Quality by Tradition – Sterile pumps for the pharmaceutical industry

When selecting pumps, pharmaceutical manufacturers place cleanability right at the top of their agenda, in addition to availability and convenient maintenance. To succeed in the face global competition, the pharmaceutical industry and its contract manufacturers must produce as cost-efficiently as possible – without losing sight of reliability and safety. For many years now, GEA has been committed to ensuring maximum process, material and failure safety. In combination with modern, energy-efficient, speed-controlled motors, the proven hygienic pumps of this global player open up wide-ranging improvement potential for pharmaceutical companies.

"Engineered in Germany"

The GEA Hilge Competence Center for Hygienic Pump Technology is based in Bodenheim, Germany. In cooperation with the global GEA production and service network, its R&D experts are capable of meeting the most complex requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers. The advanced pump portfolio, divided into the SMARTPUMP line for standard applications and the VARIPUMP line for the most stringent demands on surface quality and materials, is drawing on more than 150 years of experience and is continuously developed.

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Our high-quality pumps, “engineered in Germany,” ensure reliable processes by safely conveying sensitive products in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and personal care industries. GEA Hilge sterile pump types of the GEA Hilge CONTRA, GEA Hilge HYGIA , GEA Hilge SIPLA-HT, GEA Hilge NOVALOBE and GEA Hilge NOVATWIN product lines have proven their worth thousands of times across all these areas.

Reliable operation and documented safety

Thanks to the reliable “Hygienic Design“ and extensive documentation for our pumps, pharmaceutical manufactures can devote their entire attention to their production. Our pump experts are at their disposal, from the planning stage throughout the entire life cycle to support them in the utilization and maintenance of the pumps.

GEA Hilge sterile pumps for pharmaceutical applications

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In the pharmaceutical industry, the requirement profiles for pumps are subject to an extremely wide range of international laws and regulations in order to guarantee the highest levels of microbiological safety. Read our free whitepaper “Quality by Tradition – Sterile pumps for the pharmaceutical industry” and find out how consistent Hygienic Design ensures certified cleanability for pharmaceutical manufacturers, which pump and seal is ideal for which product, and how companies can save energy by using frequency converters.
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GEA Hilge CONTRA pumps

GEA Hilge CONTRA product line at Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co KG

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Utilization in storage and distribution systems (PW, WFI)
Quality by Tradition - Sterile pumps for the pharmaceutical industry

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Quality by tradition - sterile pumps for the pharmaceutical industry
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