Small, but powerful: The KDB 3 extends the established GEA PureCon Series for fresh cheese applications

KDB 3 dairy centrifuge skid

Within our GEA PureCon Series for the production of various spreadable or spoonable cheeses such as double cream cheese, fresh cheese, quark and greek yoghurt, we offer not only self-cleaning separators and clarifying decanters but also a range of reliable and efficient nozzle separators – the well-established KDB and KDE types.

The new KDB 3 completes this series as the smallest “family member” with a capacity of up to 200 kg/h fresh cheese (of 15.5 to max 18 % DS) and cream cheese “light” (of 18 to max 26 % DS) – making it the only small-scale nozzle centrifuge for fresh cheese concentration on the market.

The latest development in an ongoing success story

Like all centrifuges of the GEA PureCon range, our nozzle separators are the first choice when the desired product is a fresh cheese with the superior sensory characteristics comparable to traditionally manufactured cheeses. They ensure reliable, consistent product quality and an efficient process flow over the entire production cycle. With the launch of the KDB 3, this is now also possible for smaller batches without any compromises in terms of product quality and reliable performance. The result: Additive-free products with a delicate taste and creamy texture.


The KDB 3 is your perfect choice, if you

  • plan to start a small-scale production, e.g. for specialties or on a dairy farm
  • are looking for a pilot-scale separator for your product development activities
  • need to flexibly manufacture different dairy products with just one centrifuge
  • want to use a small centrifuge for research and educational purposes, e.g. as a university or dairy training facility

Meet the KDB 3 – a convincing range of features and benefits

Try our 360° experience to discover all the advantages!

The KDB 3 has a nozzle bowl with a geometrically optimized profile that ensures best-in-class clarification, concentration and cleaning performance. The bowl contains a 3D printed segment insert for a continuous and guided product flow to the nozzles. This supports easy and convenient cleaning due to accumulation-free and precise fluid guiding – demonstrating our ability to apply state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies so as not to compromise on quality or function.

KDB 3 centrifuge bowl 3D segment insert

A redesigned solids catcher facilitates a uniform and guided product flow to the cheese hopper. In order to extend the operating time while maintaining a constant product quality and to prevent negative thermal impact on the product caused by friction, the KDB 3 is equipped with a cooled hood and solids catcher, which prevents product adherence to surfaces by means of the resulting condensate film.

A sterile air cover of the product room prevents product accumulation under the bowl and thus recontamination by yeasts and molds, resulting in a safer product. The sterile air is guided to the cheese hopper and released via the overflow in a controlled manner.

More than just a centrifuge: concentrated process know-how on a skid

Our standard scope of supply includes a readily piped and wired skid. The perfectly synchronized setup of centrifuge, sensors and control devices not only ensures easy operation, but also a consistently high performance throughout the entire production cycle.

A range of convincing components of our skid for an optimized process flow and control:

  • Automatic whey discharge control to automatically adjust the back pressure during separation and to activate overflow during CIP
  • An automatic feed flow control monitors the flow rate in order to ensure a homogeneous feed to the machine and avoids blockages or imbalances as well as “overfeeding”
  • Turbidity sensor for monitoring the whey quality, which indicates when cleaning is required due to a decreasing separation efficiency
  • A flow meter monitors the whey flow in relation to the feed flow and thus allows a constant nozzle discharge supervision and automatically detects blocked nozzles
  • Safety water is the key to safe and stable operation of the centrifuge and ensures automatic water supply in the event of fluctuating or interrupted feed flows
  • Manual feed line filters prevent the nozzles from clogging by the retention of larger particles and thus enable a safe continuous operation of the centrifuge
  • Automatic feed line filters enable the filters to be switched automatically when insufficient feed leads to blockages and thus enable continuous production
  • The fresh cheese hopper in combination with a level sensor ensures that the fresh cheese pump operates continuously 
  • With the fresh cheese pump, there is always a smooth and continuous product transfer for further processing during the entire production cycle
  • Our sterile air preparation system delivers particle-free, odorless and contamination-free air to prevent recontamination with yeasts and molds


Separation technology for spreadable and spoonable cheeses


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