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Hour of truth. How does our company's purpose of “engineering for a better world” translate into everyday use? With a wide range of breakthrough products, we prove that sustainability is in our DNA. From energy to water – savings can be realized immediately by state-of-the-art efficient technology. It's time to act. Take a look at the tremendous benefits that are enabling future-proof business development across multiple industries. Get an overview here and in our new in-depth brochure “Better world. Better products.”

Better products
GEA decanters bring back Bengaluru lakes

95 lakes in the Bengaluru region have been revitalized

In this region of India the battle against water pollution is being won. 55 GEA biosolids Decanters are currently installed to bring back the quality of life.

GEA Centrifuge Water Saving Unit

A 99.9 percent reduction in cooling water consumption for centrifuges

Small system, big effect. When a GEA Centrifuge Water Saving Unit assists a GEA separator with direct drive, saving cooling water is going well.

LEFF function

90 percent savings of CIP cleaning media and water

The LEFF® function in GEA valve control tops increases the flushing intensity and shortens the flushing times. In figures: significant cost reductions.

Net_0 configuration for homogenizers

Multiple savings with the Net_0 configuration of the Ariete Series

Flexible and versatile - from NanoValve to OPS, there are modular expansions that deliver economic and environmental benefits. No. 1: the Net_0 configuration.

GEA Ariete Series

Up to 100 percent water reduction as per the zero-waste strategy

Whether it is fresh or waste water, zero is the goal. For example, GEA homogenizers offer two systems to reduce waste water in cooling and lubrication.

GEA Flow Components

13% less energy consumption on average

The NOVATWIN+ boosts flow rates so that smaller pumps can be used in about 2/3 of the applications, resulting in material and energy reduction thanks to its higher efficiency.

Add Better

Resource efficient solutions

When industries with GEA applications want to become futureproof, the Add Better label is our overall holistic approach to signal greener times ahead in specific cases. The TÜV-validated ecolabel for resource-efficient solutions can help to reduce your ecological impacts and your operating costs.
Small changes, big impact

Small changes, big impact

Small changes can make a big impact on the environment and our future. GEA Flow Components offers eco-friendly process valves, pumps, and cleaning tech - steps towards a sustainable future.
Our best ingredient: Sustainability

Make every drop matter

GEA mechanical separation technology has shaped the dairy industry from the outset, both improving core value-adding processes and process side streams.


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