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Neutral alcohol

Distillation represents the key process in the production of a wide range of spirits and liquors, including the highly refined neutral alcohols. This industry, like that for whisky, brandy and rum, is dependent upon technologies that enable large-scale, low-cost production, without impacting on quality or reproducibility.

Distillation for a large range of spirits and liquors

Neutral alcohol forms the basis for almost all spirits and liquors. The primary requirement is for the final product to have a taste and smell that is as neutral as possible. To achieve this the distillation process must remove unwanted fractions. Unwanted components may be the result of differences in raw materials. GEA’s extensive experience in the processing of different feedstocks and the effects that these can have on the final product, means that we can provide systems that will guarantee your product quality.

Our energy-efficient, multi-column distillation systems can be designed and implemented with a high degree of automation, if appropriate. You can be sure that our plants will efficiently and reproducibly separate unwanted components/fractions, with a minimum loss of product. And because no two projects are the same, our experts will work with each client to customize an optimized plant that will satisfy the requirements for product, production scale and situation, and meet all international quality standards.

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