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The production of wines and spirits is based upon fermentation, a natural process by which yeast organisms convert carbohydrates, such as starch and glucose, into alcohol. Distilled spirits are all alcoholic beverages in which the concentration of ethyl alcohol has been increased to above that of the original fermented mixture, by the process of distillation.

Wine and other spirits

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that is made from fermented grapes or other fruits. Increasing numbers of wine-growing estates are integrating mechanical separation technology into the production of their wines to make the process more efficient and more competitive.

GEA offers innovative processes and systems for wine makers. Providing centrifugation with decanters and separators, we are also a specialist in membrane filtration, and so can provide a complete spectrum of mechanical separation technologies for use in diverse preliminary process stages, through to coarse and fine clarification, and right up to polishing.

GEA's range of distillation products has been built around the core multiple effect pressure/vacuum rectification system. Each individual system design is determined largely by the property characteristics of the feed and the specific requirements of the final product. GEA systems are recognized for their high thermodynamic efficiencies and for the high distillate purities achieved.

GEA offers fermentation lines to complement the core distillation process. This means that a complete range of innovative processes relating to distillation technology is therefore available from a single, reliable source

In addition, we have internationally recognized expertise in the processing of by-products that contain solids, which often result from distillation processes. Value can be added to these by-products, dependent on the customer's requirements and the actual product, through dewatering, decanting, concentration or extraction in evaporation plants and processing into marketable products by subsequent drying.

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