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Ready-to-drink tea

There’s something brewing in the world of tea and it’s ready-to-drink! Over recent years global growth in the ready-to-drink tea market has overtaken that of many other categories, and grown by approximately 25% since 2011. More than just tea, the ready-to-drink sector delivers exciting tastes and recipes for discerning consumers worldwide. From functional, fermented kombuchas, to exotic fruit flavored gourmet teas, fusion and craft teas, the world of ready-to-drink has never been so innovative.

Just as consumers expect a wide range of highly flavored, clearly appealing refrigerated and shelf-stable drinks, manufacturers look for reliable and robust components, equipment and process lines that can produce well-established favorites, as well as adapt to inventive new recipes and ingredients. GEA understands that producers must guarantee highly consistent, stable, and top quality ready-to-drink teas that will win market share, while maximizing profits. 

Building on years of experience working side-by-side with the tea industry, GEA has developed state-of-the-art, end-to-end plants that can achieve those key goals. From tea leaves and ingredients handling through to filling and packaging, we offer flexible, tailored technologies for every stage in the ready-to-drink tea process. But we don't just supply equipment, GEA experts work with customers to design, configure, install, and maintain components, equipment, and complete process lines. We tailor technologies to match your space, layout, throughput and budget. Whether for traditional batch-based tea infusion processes, or for the latest continuous brewing lines customers can be confident that our solutions will maximize the extraction and preservation of key constituents from tea leaves, while saving energy and resources, whatever the capacity, recipe or final product. 

GEA portfolio of technologies spans:

  • raw materials reception and handling
  • brewing/extraction, fermenting, sifting, clarification and concentration
  • mixing, blending and thermal treatment
  • aseptic filling and packaging
  • CIP and process control 

GEA equipment is versatile, making it hassle-free to switch between products, expand and add new functionality to process lines. Our technologies are designed to give you maximum value from every component. And our customers know that they can trust GEA to take care of every detail, from accurate, safe and hygienic aseptic and non-asceptic fill and packaging stations, to thorough, fast cleaning-in-place (CIP) plants, and tailored process control and automation platforms. Less down-time for cleaning and product changeover means faster and higher return on equipment investment, while automated, real-time process monitoring and control ensures product consistency, optimizes daily operation and frees personnel to work on key tasks. 

GEA processing units for non-alcoholic beverage production

Advanced beverage processing with GEA process units

A thirst for the extraordinary.

Dedicated to working with customers to overcome their processing challenges, we can help you to build quality into your processes, adjust key parameters to drive your critical quality attributes to the required target levels and bring new products to market in a quick and efficient way.

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