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In addition to standard beers like bottom-fermented Pils beer, special and craft beers are also enjoying increased popularity. In Germany, this applies in particular to top-fermented wheat beer which started its triumphal march in Bavaria. Looking at markets outside Europe, however, there are other exotic types of beer such as African sorghum – a beer obtained from the millet species of the same name. Brewing technology from GEA plays a growing role in the production of these special beers.

GEA-tive Solutions for the craft brewer

The importance of medium-sized and specialty breweries is growing steadily, and thus also their technical and technological demands on production equipment.

Individual and efficient

CRAFT-STAR® Artisan Brewhouse

With numerous microbreweries that have left their start-up phase behind and are now looking for more efficient and versatile brew systems able to keep up with their business success and offering more potential for future growth, GEA's craft brewing solutions proved to be a perfect fit.

Understanding the dynamic nature of the worldwide specialty brewing market is one of the key factors for success - from malternative beverages, Sorghum beer to Kvass.

GEA supplies a customized solution for every special beer.

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