From powder to coated tablet and from R&D to full-scale manufacturing, no other supplier offers such a wide range of batch technologies for oral solid dosage form production. Whatever your application, no matter how challenging, GEA’s powder handling, granulating, pelletizing, drying, compression and coating solutions will meet and exceed your individual requirements.

The GPSC enables you to investigate all the batch-based solid dosage production techniques offered by GEA in lab, pilot or production scale. Our experts are available to provide objective, unbiased advice on the merits and implications of each process and to help you to choose the best solution for your specific application.

Innovation is at the heart of all our products; it’s what makes them different. The quest for continuous innovation is the force that drives us every day, and flexibility, performance, accuracy and control are the criteria that focus our thinking. Everything we do is aimed at improving these key factors to help you to make better products and improve productivity. Batch processing technologies can be tested at several of our test facilities:

GEA Pharma Solids Center (GPSC) in Wommelgem, Belgium

Batch Processing Capabilities

Process Technology Center (PTC) in Columbia, MD, USA