Double Cream cheese is a soft cheese with a fat content of 40 to 50% fat in dry matter. The total dry matter is at least 36 to 39%. In terms of structure and taste, it is similar to double cream cheese.

How to make Double Cream cheese?

How to make double cream cheese

Milk pasteurization and standardization is the first step. This part of the process is followed by the homogenization of the milk to combine protein and fat.

When the cheese making milk is prepared it is tempered to fermentation temperature where mesophilic culture and rennet is added. After the necessary fermentation time the formed coagulum has to be stirred to create a pumpable, homogenous structure.

The coagulated milk has then to be heated and held at high temperature in a tank to denaturate whey proteins and combine them with the cheese matrix. Finally the coagulum is transferred to the double cream cheese separator where whey is separated from the cheese curd.

Downstream the separator the double cream fresh cheese can be mixed with gum, salt or other additives. The product should then be packed at high temperature to achieve a long shelf life. 

Did you know when you have a GEA double cream cheese line you can easily make mascarpone?

Production flow Double Cream Cheese to Mascarpone

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