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Freeze Concentration is a crystallization technology applied in the food industry for the concentration of aqueous (food) liquids. Due to the separation of pure ice crystals and its low temperature processing, freeze concentration provides maximum quality retention. No other concentration process or technology can deliver the outstanding quality achieved by GEA Freeze Concentration.

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Freeze Concentration is a gentle concentration method that ensures retention of flavors and volatile components, resulting in premium quality concentrates. Freeze concentration is also used in other industries where more traditional concentration technologies have their limitations, as in the case of alcoholic beverages, or in bulk production, like vinegar, because of its reliable and continuous way of operation.

With advantages like quality retention, highly pure water discharge, continuous operation, low maintenance costs, small environmental footprint, as well as a simple, reliable and efficient operation; GEA Freeze Concentration technology is the right choice whether you need to produce concentrates for the reduction of storage-, packaging- and/or transportation costs, for its use as an ingredient or maybe as a food preservative. 

Freeze Concentration delivers concentrates in premium quality, making it ideal for new product development. The improved quality of the concentrates is eminently suitable for being combined with spray drying. In combination with freeze drying, there is a considerable cost reduction. Product properties can be modified and improved, while the concentrates’ stability increases. 

Our experts at our GEA NIRO PT test facility in ’s-Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands are at your disposal to provide you with detailed insight into the feasibility of the process for your product and individual specifications because we know that seeing is believing. 

Where calculations may suffice for proven applications, new applications and products demand for a demonstration of the technical feasibility prior to making any investment. This is why GEA offers tests for any customer’s specific requirements that can be conducted at our test facility. Our experts will generate a suitable test plan and execute the pilot tests. Since our pilot plants are designed using the same principles as the commercial units, they deliver all the necessary information for scale-up and design of a commercial installation. It is as easy as providing with the feed stock and allowing the GEA experts to produce the concentrate samples for you – you can even attend and witness the process yourself!

GEA Freeze Concentration delivers premium quality products avoiding thermal degradation, inhibiting bacterial growth, preventing oxidation and preserving volatiles while securing the natural freshness, functionality and nutritional value of the original product. Since we invented, developed and commercialized Freeze Concentration for the very first time, we have constantly been setting a trend across industries, working ourselves a name as the supplier of choice in a broad selection of food applications. Let’s continue the conversation, reach out to us with your specific inquiry.

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