GEA “Plug & Win” Centrifuge Skids for Craft Brewers

Hop is hip! But a large volume of perfectly brewed beer is lost in the process with hop solids, surplus yeast and trub. It's all money going down the drain. But with a GEA “Plug & Win” centrifuge skid you can exploit it to the maximum and sell more beer. We have the right solution ready for brewers small and large!

Greater yield from the same resources

  • 5 to 10 percent more beer from the same amount of raw ingredients (depending on beer recipe and brewing process)
  • Same amounts of beer brewed with decisively reduced effort (less energy and hours of work)
  • Multi-purpose applications in the brewing process to take your business to the next level!

Faster on the market

GEA centrifuge skids for craft brewers optimize the brewing process time by about one third without any loss of quality. Each batch goes faster with a better utilization of equipment. You are always ready for a new brew with another attractive recipe so that you can roll out a new, attractive beer without having to wait. Fast delivery always included!

The four GEA Plug & Win centrifuge skids are equipped with the patented hydry® ejection system. The solids ejected with this system are concentrated to a maximum: more beer from each brew. To prevent oxygen pick-up all machines are equipped with a maintenance-free hydrohermetic sealing. GEA always ensures highly gentle handling of products with their hydrosoft feed system. All skids come with a simple-to-operate control module. Each fully automated, stand-alone “Plug & Win” skid is ready for instant integration into your existing piping matrix.

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GEA brewpub Separator Skid

The GEA brewpub separator skid is a ready-to-go centrifuge package unit to clarify beer, wort and other products in brewpubs and smaller breweries. It is the ideal starter skid designed for the particular needs of microbrewies.

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GEA PerformancePlus

GEA PerformancePlus bietet dem Kunden Service-Pakete, die weit über die klassische Instandhaltung hinausgehen und eine ideale Ergänzung zu einer Industrie-4.0-Strategie darstellen.

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Make more beer - add more revenue

GEA Craft brewing plug and win

Money is no longer going down the drain. With GEA “plug & win” centrifuge skids you can exploit perfectly brewed beer to the maximum and sell more. We have the right solution ready for brewers small and large. Click here for more information >>