Optimizing operations with GEA Codex® MES

GEA Codex® MES

GEA Codex® MES is a suite of applications that meet the current and future demands of manufacturing execution systems and manufacturing operations management (MES/MOM), including interfacing with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Taking a modular approach, GEA Codex® MES applications can be integrated into a tailor-made solution.

automation solution for liquid and powder technologies

In the current economy, manufacturing facilities are required to be more flexible, handle smaller batch sizes, increase performance while reducing the costsdeliver higher quality products with less waste and achieve shorter timeto market.

The way to achieve these goals is to implement aMES that allows you to digitalize your production processes and manage them in real-time.

The MESacts as acentralhubforthecollection andmanagement ofdata, facilitatingefficient vertical integration between the business systems and the shop floor, and horizontal integration along theentiresupply chain from raw material to finished goods.

Yet,eachcustomer and every plant have different requirements; as such there are many paths to ensuringbusiness success.

Key benefits

  • Modular and scalable system that allows customers to select what they need
  • Reliable solutions optimized for plant operation
  • Reporting that’s targeted to different plant operation staff such as operators, maintenance staff and managers, and supports flawless decision making
  • Compliant with standard ISA-95
  • Helps with regulatory compliance (if required, agencies can access information)
  • Secure by design
  • Seamlessly integrates with GEA Codex® Process Control, providing consistent operation with a common look and feel.

User-defined software requirements

For customers who need a highly customized solution that integrates with existing or proprietary systems, GEA has the expertise to design and implement projects according to individual user requirements.

With an extensive team of engineers specializing in MES/IT and digital product development, GEA has the process knowledge and understanding of international standards to design operation management systems to enterprise level.

The company offers a flexible and scalable solution that provides total control of plant processes.

GEA Insights

GEA helps dairy cows avoid lameness with AI solution

GEA minimiert Lahmheiten bei Milchkühen mit AI-Lösung

GEA CattleEye warnt Milchviehhalter, wenn Kühe lahmen, und ermöglicht es ihnen, Gesundheitsprobleme schnell anzugehen, um eine optimale Kuhgesundheit und Milchleistung zu gewährleisten.

Clothes recycled by GEA

GEA-Lösungen ermöglichen Faser-zu-Faser-Recycling von Textilien

Chemische Recyclinglösungen von GEA ermöglichen es, Mischfasertextilien mit PET zu recyceln und zu neuer nachhaltiger Kleidung zu verarbeiten.

Workers working at Hovione

Advancing continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing

GEA and partners innovate flexible continuous processing technologies, transforming pharmaceutical development and manufacturing for a modernized future.

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