Solid Dosage


With our comprehensive portfolio of oral solid dosage solutions, we can supply full process lines with containment interfaces for process steps from API and excipient dispensing, dry milling, powder collection and blending through to tableting and coating.

Manufacturing Highly Potent Cytotoxic, Anticancer and Oncology Drugs

With an increasing emphasis on both operator safety and product protection, the commercial-scale production of oncology drugs, hormonal products and/or other highly potent compounds has been put under the pharmaceutical spotlight in recent years. 

Eliminating the need for cumbersome isolation suits to prevent operators being exposed to hazardous substance and avoid cross-contamination with other products manufactured in the same facility, GEA’s approach is to use containment interfaces (the BUCK® MC high-containment range and disposable Hicoflex® products) to ensure compliance with global regulatory cGMP requirements. 

Experts in contained material handling, closed product processing, gentle product treatment, the efficient recovery of active ingredients and reliable scale-up, we supply modules, components and fully integrated batch and continuous lines for the production of oncology drugs and other therapeutic agents that deliver increased yields and reduced cycle times.

From R&D-scale and standalone production equipment to contained production lines, we understand the absolute importance of preventing cross-contamination in the production area, protecting both people and products, and working within Real Daily Intake (RDI) and Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) limits with up to occupational exposure band (OEB) 5 drugs.

GEA has a wealth of expertise and an unparalleled depth of experience in the field of containment. The company not only offers a comprehensive range of robust and compliant containment products, it also boasts unrivaled experience in identifying the most appropriate solution and a thorough understanding of containment risk analysis.

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