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GEA designs, produces and delivers innovative, integrated solutions for every stage of the manufacturing process of anti-diabetic drugs

Manufacturing Anti-Diabetics to Meet the Needs of the Growing Diabetes Market

With diabetes and the global anti-diabetes drug market on the rise, demand for GEA technologies for the production of these life-saving drugs is already high and set to increase, particularly in new markets and emerging economies

It is estimated that approximately 6.4% of the adult population worldwide has diabetes, leading to a huge demand for oral anti-diabetes drugs. To be able to cater for this demand, high-volume or mass production of these medicines is a fundamental requirement. It enables companies to produce goods faster and reduce the overall per unit production cost, allowing them to make anti-diabetes medications available to less-developed countries.

GEA has been instrumental in designing, producing and delivering innovative, integrated solutions for every stage of the manufacturing process: from materials handling to tablet coating, automation and monitoring. We continue to support this high-volume batch-based production with ongoing improvements and innovative developments. 

One example is our range of double-sided tablet presses to accommodate the fact that many oral anti-diabetes medicines are bilayer combination drugs, consisting of two separate layers for each API. 

Another trend that we have observed is the move towards continuous manufacturing (CM). Providing increased yields, lower utility consumption and reduced waste, CM meets the industry’s demands for improved production economics and increased manufacturing flexibility.

Focusing on quality during the whole product lifecycle and decreasing any associated risks, GEA is helping its customers to develop, evaluate and optimize continuous processing techniques to enable them to bring new products to market faster and cheaper.

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