Biofuel Treatment

Biofuels for a more sustainable shipping

The decarbonization of shipping plays a crucial role on the road to a climate-neutral transport economy. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2050 compared to 2008 levels, while also reducing emissions per ton-mile by 70 percent by 2050.

Biofuels for a more sustainable shipping

The vast majority of ocean-going vessels run on heavy fuel oil. This contributes to about 3 percent of global CO2 emissions and ship owners need to consider more sustainable fuel sources. The switch to alternative fuels is necessary to limit greenhouse gas emissions in international maritime transport as quickly as possible and to achieve the IMO's CO2 reduction targets. 

Potential of biofuels for shipping

Among the various fuel solutions available to ship operators, biofuels offer a good alternative. Carbon emissions are lower compared to fossil fuels and sustainability criteria can be met.

Existing engines can generally use biofuels without major fuel line modifications. Therefore, biofuels are already seen as a bridge fuel for future fuels and are being used as a retrofit for existing vessels to achieve initial energy and CO2 savings.

GEA separators are designed for biofuels

GEA separators can generally be used for marine biofuels. Regardless of which GEA design principle is already installed on board.

Both OSC, OSD, OSE, and the new GEA marine Separator are designed for the characteristics of biofuels. For many years, GEA separators, regardless of generation, have proven excellent separation performance for biofuels on board ships.

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Central Mare: Volle Kraft voraus mit neuem GEA marine Separator


GEA und Danaos Shipping arbeiten bei Weiterentwicklung von Separatoren zusammen – Einbau eines GEA marine Separator 35 auf Containerschiff ZIM LUANDA

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