Pet food

Taking pet food to a premium level

Pet food
Whatever your challenge is in pet food manufacturing, GEA technology and expertise can help you answer the latest market trends and growing consumer demands for new products, starting from ingredients’ processing up to production of dry and wet pet food, as well as ticking the packaging and automation boxes. Discover how.

Flexible pet food solutions

Pet owners often want to give their pets high quality, premium food, just as they would care for a child’s diet. Nutrition, process control and food quality are complex and sophisticated topics and in order to stay ahead in the competitive pet food market, you need reliable technology that enables you to benefit from new business opportunities and create new food formats. With roots that go back to the very start of the food processing industry, GEA is in the privileged position of having over 80 years’ experience. We have become true specialists in the areas we are active in, like spray and freeze drying, evaporation, filtration, meat preparation, extrusion and packaging for wet, dry pet food, treats and pet food ingredients.

Serving the pet food industry

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Each solution is tailored to specific process needs, factory conditions and business objectives. We design our equipment to boost process efficiency, while offering safety and flexibility in terms of product development. We have a unique understanding of the pet food market and have installed numerous complete lines worldwide, all developed hand-in-hand with customers. 

Our technology covers a multitude of pet food areas, including 

Whether you need a single machine to boost existing line performance or a complete solution for a new factory, GEA is the right partner for you.

Inhaltsstoffe von Tiernahrung


Unleash the potential of freeze-dried pet food

In this webinar, we take you through the freeze-drying process for pet food, looking closely at its benefits and challenges.

Products & technologies

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Kälte- und Wärmetechnik für die Nahrungsmittelverarbeitung

Kälte- und Wärmetechnik für die Nahrungsmittelverarbeitung

Genaue Einhaltung Ihrer Temperaturvorgaben – natürlich

With safe and sustainable products and solutions our experts at GEA can help optimize cold chains. For better industrial refrigeration processes.
SEnS (Sustainable Engineering Solutions) – Nachhaltige Energielösungen von GEA

SEnS (Sustainable Energy Solutions) – Nachhaltige Energielösungen von GEA

Einzigartige Abstimmung von Prozesslösungen und Kühl-/Heizbedarf für weniger Energieverbrauch, minimierte Betriebskosten und eine bessere CO2-Bilanz

Sustainability is a major challenge nowadays, for all of us. In a world where more and more people are moving to urban centers and disposable income is increasing steadily, demand for better food and medicines is on the rise. To cope with that growing demand, we need large-scale industrial production to provide safe, high-quality food. Globally, water and energy are becoming increasingly scarce commodities and environmental norms are becoming ever stricter. That’s why we need efficient, resource-saving and reliable production processes.

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Deux vis pour des extrudeurs multifonctions

GEA Insights

Digitale Abwasseraufbereitung mit GEA Intellicant

Höhere Trockensubstanz, geringere Kosten, weniger Aufwand und konstantere Prozesse für Kläranlagen mit GEA Intellicant.

Computer generated AI in shape of brain.

Denk-Apparate: Klügere Maschinen, nachhaltigere Produktion

Mit progressiven Sensortechnologien, Cloud-Konnektivität und moderner Analytik verleiht GEA seinen leistungsstarken Maschinen nun eine eigene Intelligenz. Und es zeigt sich, dass KI die Leistung und Nachhaltigkeit von Produktionsprozessen...

GEA supports farmers in industry transformation

Innovation liegt in der Luft

Als wichtiges Element der weltweiten Nahrungsmittelversorgung setzt sich GEA dafür ein, Milcherzeuger beim Übergang zu einer nachhaltigeren Landwirtschaft zu unterstützen.

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