Join us for our Summer School Masterclasses
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Join us for our Summer School Masterclasses

A special series of informative web seminars focusing on innovations and trends in food processing. In addition to presentations by industry experts, each live web seminar will feature a Q & A period. We encourage you to come prepared with questions.
GEA Summer School Master Classes

You can register for one or more of the web seminars using the links found on this page. We’ll be adding to this program throughout the summer, so check back anytime. What’s more, the live web seminars will be recorded and you’ll be able to find those recordings here, too, after the web seminars have concluded.

ColdSteam webinar

WEB SEMINAR 1: Unfreeze your Assets – How to Use Steam Under Vacuum to Defrost Meat – Wednesday, July 8, 2020 – 1 pm EDT

 During recent months, the need to bring frozen product into the production line has become more necessary than ever. Using frozen raw material for processed meat and poultry products requires a quick and efficient process that doesn’t decrease the value of the thawed product. Fast defrosting using steam under vacuum does the job.

This web seminar will provide you with an understanding of this process. You’ll find out why steam is the ideal medium for thermal energy transfer when it’s under vacuum. And learn why the quality of the steam-defrosted product exceeds that of more traditional defrosting methods, like tempering chambers or product immersed in water.

Henrik Thrysoe, Product Manager – Marination, North America
Bjarne Lyngo, Product Manager – Marination, Western Europe


GEA CutMaster webinar

WEB SEMINAR 2: Maximizing Versatility – Cutting, Mixing and Emulsifying Product –Wednesday, July 22, 2020 – 1 pm EDT

Finding equipment that can accomplish numerous tasks with a variety of products is rare in the food processing industry. Yet flexibility is often key to both the effective use of floor space and the efficient use of time.

During this web seminar you’ll learn about the range of capabilities offered by the GEA CutMaster.  Suitable for a wide variety of products, including meat, seafood, confectionary, vegetarian and cheese, the CutMaster can cut, mix and emulsify as well as cook and cool. If you are concerned about hygiene and sanitary design at your processing facility, you should attend. Bring your questions and find out more.

Preben Larsen, Manager – Food Processing, GEA North America
Reiner Metzler,  Manager – Product Manager, GEA Group


GEA MultiJector Webinar 3

WEB SEMINAR 3: The Art of Curing Bacon – Wednesday, August 5, 2020 – 1 pm EDT

Bacon making is truly an art, and like a painting, it is often tiny differences that distinguish a masterpiece. That’s why it is important to understand how implementing small processing modifications can have a substantial impact on quality and yield.

During this web seminar we will explore the science behind some advances that can assist as you work to produce the highest quality bacon, efficiently and cost-effectively.  

Topics include:

  • Correct handling during and after marination for improved yield and product consistency
  • How injection needle size and design impacts brine distribution and retention 
  • The interaction of brine and meat temperature during injection 
  • Why low-pressure injection is more important than ever
  • How to avoid post-injection purge and drippage

Henrik Thrysoe, Product Manager – Marination, North America
Bjarne Lyngo, Product Manager – Marination,  Western Europe


GEA Electromagnetic Waves – A precise way to measure product level of frozenness (LOF)

WEB SEMINAR 4: Electromagnetic Waves – A precise way to measure product level of frozenness (LOF) – Thursday, August 20, 2020 – 1 pm EDT

When freezing food products, achieving the right balance of product retention time and freezer temperature is key to optimizing capacity and reducing utility costs. Conventional methods for measuring product level of frozenness (LOF) are still manual and do not provide an accurate picture.

Electromagnetic waves are ideally suited for continuous and contactless frozen condition measurement. Applied at the end of the freezer line, a measurement of wave transmission indicates the LOF in the product. Automated adjustments to line speed, fan speed and refrigeration evaporating temperature can then be implemented to optimize the process and continuously maintain product frozen condition according to target.

During this web seminar we will review:

  • Physical phenomena involved during freezing
  • How electromagnetic waves can be used to measure LOF, continuously and without contact
  • Economic benefits of freezing product at exactly the correct LOF
  • Case studies in a frozen French fry plant and a frozen processed meat facility  

Mathieu Nouhin, Product Manager - Freezing 

Bruce Killinger, Sales Director - North America


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