Effinity™ Post Milking Teat Dip
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Effinity™ Post Milking Teat Dip

New non-iodine teat dip has proven mastitis killing power and doesn’t require mixing
Effinity Post Milking Teat Dip

The best teat dip for dairy cows? Proven mastitis killing power. No mixing. Excellent teat conditioning.

GEA Effinity provides all that and more for superior milk quality:

Proven mastitis killing power: A 99.99% kill rate for the top three pathogens for mastitis in dairy cows – E. coli, Staph. aureus and Strep. uberis. 

Unique ingredient combination: Uses two active ingredients, lactic acid and phenoxyethanol, combined with unique additives to boost bactericidal efficacy

Excellent teat conditioning: Superior exfoliation reveals a renewed layer of healthy teat skin and softer, smoother teat ends after first weeks of use

Stable pH: Maintains mild 3.5 pH, making it gentler on skin and reducing the chance of skin irritation

No required mixing: Ready-to-use, non-iodine teat dip 

Distinct green color: Easy confirmation of complete teat dip coverage

100% customer satisfaction: For Effinity and all GEA pre and post milking teat dips

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