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These special webinars will focus on innovations and trends in beverage marketing, from CBD infused beverages to tea, as well as some of the special technologies offered for their manufacture. In addition to presentations by industry experts, each live webinar will feature a Q & A session. We encourage you to come prepared with questions.
Spotlight on Beverages

You can register for one or more of the webinars using the links on this page. Live webinars will be recorded and you’ll be able to find those recordings here, too, after the webinars have concluded.

Techniques in cannabinoid extraction & emulsification

WEBINAR 1: Techniques in Cannabinoid Extraction and Emulsification: An Expert Guide

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 – 2 pm EDT

Jointly presented by GEA and Root Sciences, this webinar will explore state-of-the-art technologies employed to both extract and emulsify high-quality CBD for use in beverages and other food products. Here are highlights of the program:

Part One: Maximizing CBD Extraction from Hemp, Presented by GEA

  • Solvent extraction techniques
  • The importance of the winterization process in CBD oil production
  • How centrifugal separation technology can work to produce high quality extract

Part Two: From Plant to Bottle: State-of-the-Art Science and Technology Now Used for Manufacturing CBD Emulsified Beverages, Presented by Root Sciences

  • Understanding the Nanoemulsion Craze: Advantages for both the manufacturer and the consumer
  • The Science Behind the Product: A high-level explanation of the nanoemulsification process
  • A Partner for Success: How Root Sciences’ ready-made formulations expedite product development


  • Sean Eicher Market Manager, Separation Technologies, GEA North America
  • Lauren Hitt Marketing Director, Root Sciences
  • Steven Brewster R & D Technician, Root Sciences


  • Robert Cupka Director, Homogenization, GEA North America


Ready-to-drink tea

WEBINAR 2: Brewing Up Innovation in Ready-to-drink Tea

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 – 2 pm EDT

Consumers are demanding healthy and convenient beverages, including ready-to-drink (RTD) tea that is packed with flavor and aroma and brewed from tea leaves rather than a powder or concentrate.

To accomplish this, beverage manufacturers need to consider brew systems upstream of their bottling lines. On a large scale, this can be more complex than adding tea bags to a kettle. Manufacturers must balance yield, quality, consistency and cleanability, while considering the variability of working with natural ingredients. These challenges can be met with innovative solutions for brewing tea in a fully enclosed system with a high level of automation.

During this webinar GEA’s tea experts will discuss:

  • Current US Market trends for RTD beverages
  • Raw material handling techniques
  • Brewing processes & considerations for maintaining repeatability
  • Varying levels of final clarification to allow manufacturers to control sediment and mouthfeel in final beverage
  • Managing spent tea leaves as a waste stream
  • Heat & energy recovery
  • Other brewing innovations
  • Pilot plants


  • Tim Barnett – Head of Applications, Beverage & Filling Technologies, GEA North America 
  • Lisa Eckman – Regional Sales Manager, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, GEA North America 
  • Pierpaolo Mattana – Sales Director, Beverage & Filling Technologies, GEA North America


Finding the right mixproof valve for your application

Webinar 3: Finding the Right Mixproof Valve for Your Application – From Hygienic to Aseptic

Tuesday, October 6, 2020 – 2 pm EDT

About the webinar:

Double-seat mixproof valves keep incompatible products separate at pipe junctions. In processing plants that focus on ESL (extended shelf-life), UltraClean and aseptic applications, both the valve/piping design implementation and the valve matrix configurations are unlike those utilized with hygienic applications. When dealing with highly specialized applications it is critical to optimize process performance and maintain strict product standards by eliminating cross-contamination potential. At the same time, the technology must make economic sense. During this webinar you will gain an understanding of the technical features, advantages and benefits of double-seat valves, particularly as they apply to ESL, UltraClean and aseptic processes.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • Risks of product contamination due to the “elevator effect”
  • Hygienic mixproof valves with sterile locks
  • Valves with an integrated steam barrier (ISB) which enable the safe separation of product lines with a sterile media
  • Hermetic sealing with PTFE stem diaphragms or stainless-steel bellows
  • Use of double-chamber valves or selecting valves with multiple sterile chambers for ultimate process flexibility
  • Installation and service requirements for each technology
  • Areas of application


  • Pascal Baer – Product Manager, Aseptic Valves, GEA Group  
  • David Guy – Applications Manager, GEA North America


  • Dave Medlar – Sales Director, Flow Components, GEA North America


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