Plant-based Protein Technologies – A Comprehensive Webinar Series
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Plant-based Protein Technologies – A Comprehensive Webinar Series

Interested in finding out what it takes to enter the plant-based meat alternative category? The technologies and processes you need are available and waiting for you to discover. Join us for one or more webinars as we explore opportunities and learn more about manufacturing the products today’s marketplace is demanding.
GEA Plant-based Protein Technologies

Plant-based protein technologies – a comprehensive webinar series

These special webinars will focus on innovative technologies and equipment used to produce plant-based ingredients and food products. In addition to presentations by industry experts, each live webinar will feature a Q & A session. We encourage you to come prepared with questions.

You can register for one or more of the webinars using the links on this page. Live webinars will be recorded, and you’ll be able to find those recordings here, too, after the webinars have concluded.

Webinar 1: Are you ready for the meat alternative revolution?

WEBINAR 1: Are You Ready for the Meat Alternative Revolution? – Insights into food processing for meat replacement and vegetarian products

60-minute recording now available on demand

Whether for ethical, environmental or nutritional reasons, consumers across the globe are changing their eating habits and opting for less meat, or no meat at all. How can food processors profit from the rising demand for meat alternatives and vegetarian foods? For more than 25 years GEA has successfully offered technology solutions for preparation and further processing of meat-alternative and vegetable-based products. During this webinar we will share some of our process technology knowledge and show you how you can start designing and scaling up your meat replacement product offer. Joining us on this journey will be experts from Griffith Foods.

This webinar will provide:

  • A comprehensive guide on today’s meat alternative offer
  • Understanding of the meat alternative consumer with insights on how to design your food concepts (Speaker: Damien Wurpillot, Customer Marketing Manager, Griffith Foods)
  • How finding the right combination of food processing technology and knowledge can make the difference
  • A sneak peek into the future – innovative food concepts (Speaker: Berten Bos, Culinary Technologist & Culinary Chef, Griffith Foods)


Getting Started in Plant Protein Separation

WEBINAR 2: Getting Started in Plant Protein Separation – The Basics

60-minute recording now available on demand 

Have you been considering what it takes to get involved in the growing market for plant-based protein?  Are you curious about how the protein is extracted from the plant?  Would you like to find out what it would take for your company to explore opportunities?  If so, then this is the webinar for you.

Here’s what you’ll learn about:

  • The various plants from which protein can be extracted -- there are many and new sources are always being investigated 
  • Plant protein isolates and concentrates – how they differ
  • The wet process for protein extraction – steps required to remove the protein
  • Principles of centrifugation – why a centrifuge is an ideal choice for separating the protein from other plant components
  • Using pilot equipment for process and product discovery and, ultimately, scale-up


  • Michael McGoldrick, Market Manger, Renewable Resources, GEA North America
  • Conny Seemann, Application Manager, Renewable Resources, GEA Group
  • Rob Versluijs, Product Sales Manager Starch & Protein, Renewable Resources, GEA Group


  • Keith Funsch, Sales Director, Renewable Resources, GEA North America


Membrane Filtration Fundamentals for the Plant-based Protein Market

Webinar 3: Membrane Filtration Fundamentals for the Plant-based Protein Market

60-minute recording now available on demand

Global trends, including personalized nutrition, well-being and fitness, clean eating, avoiding allergies and intolerances, veganism and flexitarianism, along with environmentalism, are fueling development of plant-based protein products.

To further optimize plant protein ingredient offerings and ultimately bring them to industrial scale, membrane filtration technology can and should play a role. Increasing sophistication in membrane manufacturing and advances in membrane material chemistry and process development make now the time to add filtration to your research and development work. 

During this webinar you will learn about:

  • The plant protein production process
  • Principles of membrane filtration
  • Opportunities for membrane filtration in the manufacture of plant protein and in processing of plant protein co-products and/or side streams
  • GEA Pilot Plant Equipment offerings for product and process development, from benchtop to pilot plant to commercial scale-up


  • Dr. Shanti Bhushan, Process Development Engineer, GEA North America


  • Mark Braun, Product Manager, GEA North America


Plant-based Protein Powders for 2021 & Beyond

Webinar 4: Plant-based Protein Powders for 2021 and Beyond

60-minute recording now available on demand

Want to keep pace with the growing protein market? Join us for this webinar and explore the latest ideas in producing high-quality protein powders from plant-based raw materials. To achieve the specific protein powder properties demanded by end customers, it is essential to choose the right spray drying equipment and type of dryer for protein drying.

During the webinar you will gain insights into:

  • Producing protein powders with the desired properties, including particle size and density, as well as solubility and dispersion
  • The spray dryers’ impact on product quality
  • How to make the right spray dryer selection and configuration
  • How to optimize your quality assurance and the repeatability of your processing
  • Process development and validation at drying test facilities
  • Achieving greater accuracy in product design and better process insight by means of a virtual test bench


  • Stig Skalshøj Christensen, Area Sales Manager, Food Ingredients, GEA Group


  • Nathan Allen, Sales Director, Liquid & Powder Technologies, GEA North America


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